$2000 up for Grabs!

$2000 up for Grabs!

“If you live right, once is enough. “

At Live It! Love It! we believe “Living Right” means embracing our passions, overcoming obstacles, discovering our potential, challenging ourselves and making a positive impact on the people around us.

This year we’re awarding two Living Right sponsorships.

Starting Now, we are accepting applications for this years first Living Right Award, a $1000 scholarship to help one lucky person with some expenses.

The contest is open to anyone with a physical disability.

Perhaps you are working towards a goal, inspiring others, facing a fear, accomplishing something great or staying positive in hard times. We want to know how you define “Living Right” and how you have put Living Right into practice in your own life.

Tell us what this award would mean to you and how you would use it in a short essay or video.

Spread the word, get your thinking caps on and start telling your story.

Have a friend or family member with a disability that inspires you by “Living Right”? Let them know about this great oppotunity!

Contests Closes at noon

1- FEB 20th Successful applicant announced March 20th aka The Spring Equinox!
2- AUG 22nd Successful applicant announced Sept 22nd aka The Fall Equinox!

For application details click : Living Right Award

Athlete ~ Emily Succhy, past recipient of Award
photographer unknown

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One Response to $2000 up for Grabs!

  1. brittany says:

    hello there,
    i came across this and knew i just had to reply, living right means something totally different to me than it did 2 weeks ago. in the last 2 weeks i have undergone numerous tests, as my doctor thinks i have the EARLY stage symptoms of multiple sclerosis, and with that in ming i have realized that no one knows what tomorrow will bring, knowing i could potentially have this crippling disease. i realize i HAVE to enjoy life and live in the now, as tomorrow i could be in a wheelchair. living right to me now is enjoying every minute taking any chance, try everything you are scared of and most importantly LOVE…. not just others , but more importantly yourself. take care of yourself, dont just think it wont happen to me, with that attitude it will.. believe me i speak from experience. no one person is immortal, as much as they may believe they are. my goal now is to see all the places i haven’t seen, and do all the things that i haven’t. my friends all say im crazy and have to many friends, but i strongly disagree. there is no such thing as too much of anything in this world. i take chances and go out on a limb to meet people because every persons story is different and interesting in its own way, and i am honored to have such a large friend base… and im not talking random people on Facebook,,, i personally know all of my friends on some level. and i take pride in that. i would love to go place to place telling the world how truly important it is tho live life right!
    believe me you have nothing to lose. so go on, get out there and LIVE <3
    Brittany jade isfeld!

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