24 Hour Adventure


The time I told my care worker, Simone, I’d pick her up for our over night camp trip. Also the time I told Cody we’d be leavin Whistler.

3:10. I roll in to Simone’s… and  back to our place, or close too. I got a call from Whistler Adaptive that we could pick up a trail rider (Proven later to be very useful) so we swing back and grab it.

(a trail rider is a heavy duty wheelbarrow-like chair, a necessary vehicle for travelling over any sort of gnarly, rocky, remote, hiking terrain)

3:30. We’re rolling out of town, not bad.
We drive to Pemberton and we’re at our guides, or my buddy Cody’s house. He’s in the shower, so we’re clearly in no rush. Campsite is just an hour and a half North of town. Another friend, Bibby and his friend Louisa are there and they’re coming too. Once Cody is clean we grab some wood and hit the road, to the grocery store. We load up and hit the road, to the liquor store. One last stop for fuel and we’re again on our way out of town.

5:30.  We turn off onto the logging road just North of Pemby. Hour and a half and we’re there. We think.

5:35. The Lap of Luxury proves to be a little slower on the logging road than the truck that ran the course earlier in the week. No worries it’s light til at least 9.


6:50 We’re on a bridge. Waiting. Bibby, in the truck that was behind us, isn’t behind us anymore.

7:00. A white Chev without a canoe (Bibs had a canoe) pulls up behind us.

Turns out it’s not him. Sorta thankfully.

7:05.  We turn around.

7:15. We come upon a white Chev (with a canoe on it) and a new spare tire under it.

7:30. We’re crossing the bridge. Back on track.

8:00 We stumble upon dumb and dumber, contemplating their flat tire.
quote: “I took the spare tire out so I could fit all my cool camping gear I got from MEC in.”

There’s a reserve not too far from here so we do a quick person shuffle and take the two jokers down to a scene out of Delirious… No, that was Eddy Murphy. This was more hillbilly  than that. Deception maybe?? Anyways the jokers knew one of the guys on site, so we bailed.

Directions back up to our camp spot were all to simple. Top of the hill, can’t miss it.

9:02. Starting to think we missed it. So we turn around to check a road that raised Izzy’s suspicions.

9:18. We see headlights, it’s Cody coming to wrangle us in.

9:33. We arrive.
The evening continues with beer, smokies, and smores.

mickey ross photo- www.micimage.com 

mickey ross photo- www.micimage.com 

Those of you who are smore enthusiasts, know how difficult it is to eat a smore without making a mess. I, with the slight’a hand of less than a frog, proved to make an even larger mess.

mickey ross photo- www.micimage.com 

mickey ross photo- www.micimage.com 

Everyone starts talking hot springs. From what I’ve heard, it’s a technical approach so we decide to make a morning mission of it in the light.

At some point in the morning we make our way to the picnic table, and fill our bellies. I am then loaded into the trailrider and we’re on our way down to the springs.

mickey ross photo- www.micimage.com 

Time check. We’re not sure.
Time line. Cody has to be back in Whistler for 2:30, Simone for 4:00.
We make our way down the trail to the hotsprings with Mickey at the reins, Izzy is up front, Bibby and Simone are close by for assistance, Cody is on photo duty as he’s on the injured list.

mickey ross photo- www.micimage.com 

The trail is relatively easy minus one spot. A hair pin turn slash four foot drop, with a giant log that has a railing for able bodies blocking the way of the trailrider. There proves to be enough room to sneak down beside it and we’re there.

Almost, another couple hundred yards of tighter, root laden trail further…. and the last bit of trail is along the river, raging in late spring mode. It takes us to the tropical oasis that is….

Still actually not sure the name, but it’s up Zipper Mouth Creek.

heaven.. mickey ross photo- www.micimage.com 

bc tropics- mickey ross photo- www.micimage.com 

I get lifted in to the pool and it’s like what a warm magic bag fresh out of the microwave is trying to reproduce. At one point I felt like I was where they filmed Fern Gully, only on a larger scale.

“12:15″. Someone says, so we grab our clothes get me loaded and back up the trail. We do the tricky stuff backwards cause we know I’ll fit that way. Then with each corner of the rig covered by friends we make good time up to the campsite. After we break camp Cody jumps in with Bibby to make better time and we’re off.

3:30. We roll back into Whistler. Mission accomplished.

Thanks to the crew- Izzy, Cody, Simone, Micky, Bibby, Louisa and to Whistler Adaptive


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