Whistler Adventure Update- Amanda Timm

It was another amazing few days of adventure with “Live It, Love It.” This
time we had the honor of spending time with Tess Weaver and John Roderick from
Outside TV and Magazine who were filming our extreme sports for an upcoming
segment on Adaptive Adventures.

“Live it, Love it” has a way of literally throwing you off a bridge right when
you get there to ensure you can handle everything that might occur in the upcoming
days. Tuesday morning Jeff Scott, Justin Johnson and I, met at Whistler Bungee for
some shots of people pretending to fly. As a second time jumper it wasn’t scary but
the thrill of falling and not entirely knowing if you will be caught will never get old.

Then it was straight off to Fitzsimmons Creek to watch Ben Thompson show us how white
water Kayaking is really done. You could tell the river wasn’t to challenging for him
by how he handled all the rapids with such ease. His skills in the water
were so fluent it was hard to believe the kayak wasn’t a part of him.

Jeff and I had the pleasure of waking up for some incredible rowing on
peaceful Alta Lake. Thank you to Whistler Adaptive for allowing us to test out their
brand new adapted rowing sculls which go extremely fast once you get the hang
of them.

Then it was off to Pemberton to watch Sam Danniels go paragliding in his
wheelchair with Cayoosh Expeditions. This was something that was new to most of
us and now that I’ve seen it done I can’t wait to try it. I thought bungee jumping was
flying but after witnessing the possibility of literally flying, your perspective changes
and you realize there are so many things you could be doing that you have never
dreamt of.

Thursday Morning Sam Danniels wanted to show off his skills some more
so this time we met him at Whistler Bike Park where he gave a Fourcross downhill
Bike Demo. This extreme wild child was going of features that able-bodies weren’t
even attempting.

In the afternoon, Wildplay Whistler had Jeff and I for some Zoom
Zip lining. Imagine zip lining on their Godzilla line, which is 1500’ in length, 400’
above the ground and offers a 200’ elevation drop from launch to landing, reaching
speeds of up to 100km/hr. It was unbelievable to say the least.

The 5-6 minute segment will be out in the fall so make sure you stay tuned.
Thank you Izzy for organizing everything and making sure everything ran smoothly.
Don’t miss signing up for the Freewheel Whistler Camp to try out some of these activities. Registration opens June 28th at 8:00am PST: http://www.liveitloveit.org/events/

Amanda Timm

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