ANNOUNCEMENT: Joe Stone Awarded $500 “Living Right” Award!

Congratulations to Joe Stone the winner of Live It! Love It! Foundation’s $500 Living Right Award on June 15th 2012.

Joe is an incomplete c7 quadriplegic who injured himself in a paragliding accident in 2010. Before even sitting on a hand cycle Joe Stone decided he would return to Montana from Rehab and bike the Going To The Sun road through Glacier National Park, one day before the one year anniversary of his accident. This was a major accomplishment for Joe, and it inspired him to be the first wheelchair using quadriplegic to complete an IronMan Triathalon.

Joe told us what he thinks Living Right means in his short video submission. He exemplifies the Live It! Love It! philosophy by pushing beyond physical limitations and doing what he loves as well as spreading the word about what being healthy and active can do for your mind and body. The biggest lesson Joe has learned in his journey is “the importance of giving back to your community”.

Thank You Joe for sharing your story and for Living Right! Stay tuned for more on Joe and how he puts his Living Right Award to use on his journey to completing the IronMan!

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  1. JAY MCCUE says:

    hey guys i’d like to get joe’s info or website to see more photos of his hand cycle, i’m a c6 looking into getn a handcycle.

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