$500 “Living Right” Award up for Grabs!

“You only live once, but if you live right, once is enough. “

At Live It! Love It! we believe “living right” means  embracing our passions, overcoming obstacles, discovering our potential,  challenging ourselves and making a positive impact on the people around us.

This winter we’re awarding another Living Right sponsorship.

Starting November 1st, we are accepting applications for the Living Right Award, a $500 scholarship to help one lucky person with expenses associated with adaptive sport, activity, adventure or outdoor recreation.

The contest is open to anyone with any sort of physical disability.

Perhaps you are working towards a goal, inspiring others, facing a fear, accomplishing something great or staying positive in hard times. We want to know how you define “Living Right” and how you have put Living Right into practice in your own life.

Tell us your story in 500 words or less, or a 2 minute video.

Spread the word, get your thinking caps on and start telling your story.

Have a friend or family member with a disability that inspires you by “Living Right”? We’ll accept applications submitted on their behalf. No Prob!

Contest Closes December 31st 2013. For application details click : Living Right Award


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  1. Amanda Timm says:


    Miss you guys, I made this for me but I thought you would enjoy it as well

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