At The Lake

A week long retreat with spiritual and meditation brainchild Carlos de Leon. Saying he’s forgot more than most of us will know wouldn’t work cause don’t think he’s forgotten anything. He knows why the pyramids were built and how to use them..

We’re around this guy listening, meditating and eating 7 am to 11pm. He’s got loads of info, so much we have to nap and take it in subconsciously. We’re sleeping in our van so you can imagine, by the end of the week it’s time to blow off some energy in another fashion. Sort of. Couple of friends in the course feel the same way. Obvious solution, race voyager canoes to the end of the lake and back. Our guide was Jeff. Jeff got us out of the gates like a B outta H. He then became more interested in converting kilometers into miles for a Yankee that snuck into our boat… We didn’t get back first, but we did learn all about something.

The Other Lake.
After a week of parallel universes, Chi Kung, 8 translations of the same verse in the bible from Arabic to English and 5 star meals it was time to go to a lake all to our selves just south of Golden and digest it all. And get a mustache trim.

Big thanks to Carlos, John, Siri, Josh, Lacey, Simone, our canoe guide Jeff and all the new friends we met along the way!

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