Eastbound and Down

It’s Sunday and we are in Manitoba. We’ve missed our first turn into Brandon so using logic, and moving some road closed signs, we took the next one. We could see the lights and the road was bare, there were lakes beyond the white lines but not a drop in our lane.

The progressive emergency management  city that Brandon Manitoba is, they were preparing.  They were anticipating some serious rising water, so they put up a 15 foot sandbag wall between us and the road that, somehow we didn’t see right away. Sounds strange, I know. It is.

Around the sandbags we go and meet some friends for lunch. It’s a short stop to see if there is any help needed in planning a party being thrown on the 14th. Everything seems to be lining up, except the Daft Punk cover band, haven’t given up yet though.

We have a lot of ground to cover so we don’t stay long. We make it to the border in good time head down to Duluth, Missishitisotagan.

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