Embrace the struggle.

Embrace the struggle.

Exactly one year after breaking my neck I got out of GF Strong. Friday afternoon I left Strong, by Monday morning I was in the van driving across the country.

It’s my life and it’s now or never just kidding props to you Jon Bon, great song. Seriously though it’s my life, I’m gonna live it and I’m gonna love it.

This is the first entry on our journey across the country.

Somethings in life are worth the extra effort. Gardening. Friends. Learning harmonica. I don’t know much about gardening or learning how to play harmonica but on the metaphorical paper that you read this, they seem similar to friendship. Gardening for example,
start with some dirt add a seed and then some water, the end result is freshness that you can taste. If you replace dirt with a person, seed with adventure and water with beer or cesar’s that’s a recipe for friendship. I don’t know if learning how to play harmonica fits into any of this, but I have one. And I don’t know how to play it.

I don’t know if any of that made sense. What I’m trying to say is over the last year some friends gave me a herb garden.


This trip across Canada was inspired by friends. Friends that stood by me when I laid on my back in a hospital bed. Friends that help motivate me to get back on my feet and push through. Friends that need a visit. Friends that haven’t been made yet.


Monday morning we leave Vancouver after dipping your toes and wheels in the West Coast. We are off to Revelstoke and the adventure is underway.

peace out pacific

We spent our first afternoon catching up with old friends. At the village idiot We drank  caesar’s and told lies. We sat there long enough to get a sunburn on the side of our face. Then it was time to go home. thankfully as mountainous as the area around is, it was a pretty flat wheel to the bed and breakfast. Thankfully the caesars give me the essential nutrients I needed to get me there. Thankfully my buddy I was walking with has a wolf that actually pulled me most of the way.

That night we got home and arranged for some dogsledding. Early the next morning we get going and meet a friend of a friend who runs the dogsledding operation. Have you ever been instantly entertained by an individual? Nothing has been said or done, you are just immediately entertained for the time you’re with them, however long that may be. Meet Eric.

hello, eric

Eric had six dogs with him that morning. Hawk, Sapphire, Grizzly, Pam, one that had more bark than a Douglas Fir, real thick  deep  and everywhere, truly annoying and last and least another one that instead of remembering I have forgotten it completely. Had we not taken pictures I would argue there were only five.

All loaded up and off we go, it’s a short 5 km loop that we get to rip around. We get a little loose around some of the corners. Real loose actually, we did this one move I thought was more commonly reserved for kayaking. The Roll. It all happened fast, before our captain could say
“this is the sketchiest corner on the whole trail”
I was dirty side up, in the rhubarb.
We manage to make it all back in one piece. And yes I would go again, most definatley!


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  1. Sandra H says:

    Love it. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures! All the best guys, xo.

  2. jacob says:

    woot woot!! cant wait to hear about more adventures across the great lands of Canada!

  3. Lucy says:

    Keep them coming old dog, these posts are pure gold!

  4. Ty Riddell says:

    Jeff Izzy Jodi Sick story telling buddy! So good to see you guys in Golden man! Much Love Safe journey!

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