Epic Edventures

It snuck up like I didn’t know it was coming and it’s now tattooed in my mind forever. Four days that could not have gone better. Except for the first night when the fire department showed up to our campfire, surrounded by 10 people in wheelchairs and one day walker, announcing that they where here to help us extinguish the inferno and give the ignitor a $500 ticket. Thankfully for him, the ignitor had already left so there were no fines dished out.

Day two starts with a more predictable session involving everyone jumping off a bridge.

We even managed to coax the inner teenage girl out of a 60+ year old man as he got to jump along with the campers. Definitely the best scream of the entire crew, several times.

After that we rendezvoused at the lake for some paddling.

Once we were all geared up and comfortable on the water a heated game of Sponge ensued. It’s basically a cross of poor mans bumper boats, hot potato (with a sponge), and TV tag…. We didn’t get it either. But it was a great way to get soaking wet and not have to know how to roll a kayak.
The food crew met us at the lake with chili and corn bread to warm our souls as the sun went behind the mountain.

The day was not over yet. Almost a Doctor John Coleman, Sports Psychologist and Wonder Specialist, has a few more things in store. We have a couple group sessions with him to provoke thought and maintain a progressive here now mind frame.

And we’re at the halfway mark.

Saturday aka day three and we’re off to get dirty, four wheelin style.

No better place to eat one than on the back of a four wheeler with a bunch of friends in the mountains. We managed to work our way up several logging roads, cross a stream to wash away the dirt, pop a tire and chill by some waterfalls all before lunch time.
Lunch time turns into a LiLi question session with some giveaways. Everyone ends up with a T, hoody or smile to walk away with.
A little chill in Whistler time before heading up to Wildplay for some more adventure. I’d like to say ziplining, but it was far more than that. Mix in some military truck and piggy back rides along with a trail rider and speeds upwards of 110 km an hour and that’s the quick pic.

Off to Creekbread for some delicious beer, tasty pizza, the better half of the restaurant and you’ve got our party. The night went on with a bit of a wrap up, thank yous and a $1,000 surprise award that went to yours truly Ethan Krueger for embodying what the Live it! Love it! Foundation is all about.
Sam Roberts stole the rest of the night as he took the stage in the village.
Day four and it’s a bit of a choose your own adventure. Gliding up in Pemberton and rock climbing in Squamish are the two of choice. Majority of us end up hanging out doing time trials on the rock. There were a couple Squamish locals who were also able to make it out for a quick try. An amazing day to chill and wrap up an incredible weekend.

Big thanks to all the volunteers!!!

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