Essay Writing: How to Survive Your First Year of College

College is an exciting new time in every student’s life and should be treated as such. It is an opportunity for self-development and self-growth, which comes with a range of challenges one should surpass. On that note, we thought we would provide you with a handful of guidelines to help you in your first year of college.
Student life involves a new set of academic tasks that are much more complicated than what you were accustomed to in high school. And before you know it, you find yourself overwhelmed.
So, we want to introduce to you a range of tips to use as guidance.

Challenge your thinking

Creativity is, presumably, the one thing that can distinguish a piece of writing from another. It is the product of each’s independent thinking and way of conveying things.
Contrary to popular belief, creativity isn’t an innate inclination some are born with and other lack. Although this is a common misconception, it is entirely inaccurate.
Creativity can be stimulated by challenging your mind and thinking, by trying to perceive everything from your own perspective. Although it may appear that this has nothing to do with student life and the first year of college, it does actually.
By doing so, you are actually ensuring the perfect environment for self-development which is compulsory. Thinking on your own is underrated, and many students would rather rewrite other people’s ideas than challenge themselves.
This capability is mirrored in every final test you’ll take. Your personal mark is the element that, at the end of the day, aids you to go ahead of your class or the other way around.

Read more

The key to enhancing your academic tasks is reading more. Albeit this may seem rather irrelevant, particularly if you’re not a bookworm yourself, it actually is.
If you embrace this practice as a freshman, you’ll be happy you did so for numerous reasons. Firstly, reading is, by definition, thought-provoking. In other words, depending on the genre you prefer to read, books will take you to different places in this way expanding your imagination, creativity, and comprehension of the outer world.
These are all crucial elements that will improve your essay writing. In the meantime, reading also enlarges your vocabulary, helping you to communicate more efficiently with those surrounding you, both in writing and orally.
We consider that these skills are of crucial importance for every student that wishes to outgrow himself/herself.
You may feel quite overwhelmed at first when you’ve just started your student life. That may discourage you and prevent you from reading leisurely. Still, if you aim at organizing your time most efficiently, you’ll manage to squeeze in some reading time. That’s for sure.

Ask for guidance

Many a time, students would rather fail a final exam or writing test than simply ask for advice. This applies, particularly to first-year students. Nonetheless, this is, presumably, the worst thing you could do. Asking for advice is not only reasonable but advisable if you want to get off a great start in college.
Whether you’re asking for help from a colleague, professor, or librarian, you should do it whenever you’re unsure of something. For instance, looking for an experienced essay writing service like college essay writing service is much better than failing a final exam just because you didn’t have enough time to study and complete all your academic tasks.
Getting everything done in a limited timespan may appear an immense challenge, which is why professional essay writing can be a decent solution for times like these.
Don’t be resistant to looking for help! Most teachers are willing to clarify things when needed.

Start writing

Putting pen to paper seems impossible until you do so. The minute you start writing, the words seem to connect, and your ideas suddenly catch life.
Nonetheless, when you place a lot of pressure on yourself, and you are far too judgmental and self-critical, you’ll be stuck in one place, failing to complete a decent essay. As soon as you surpass this initial phase and you stop judging your writing, and, instead, allow yourself to become better, you’ll see the results you’re looking for.
Everything gets better with practice; this is something every first-year student should bear I mind whenever things get rough.

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