Farting of Light

Might be the arting of flight, either way that weightless feel you get when you’re in the air is hard to compare to anything. I’m going to attempt it here. When you drop a cliff into water or snow, launch yourself on a bike or get double bounced on a trampoline you get that moment. The moment where you have not another care in the world you are floating, you are free. I found bungee jumping to be along the same line. There was one thing however I could compare it to… And although i haven’t had the pleasure of this other experience I hope to one day….if it’s the last thing I do.
I was picked up off the deck of the bridge and was revoked the moment of hesitation, the hesitation you get when you jump into a cold body of water or into a game of double dutch. In that time you take to reevaluate the decision you are about to make might only be a second or two… or you might reconsider entirely. Well they picked me up and over the railing I went, straight into a cloud. A shrinking cloud it seemed, ¬†as each time I bounced it unfortunately took less time to float over to the other side.
Here’s hoping that when I go it’s right into a cloud that has equal and unrestricted travel time wall to wall.

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