Fishing Boats and Hot Springs

The chances are slim, and that’s probably why we connected. Over two years have passed since Dustin and I lay helpless on our backs in Vancouver General Hospitals ICU days following our respective accidents. Now I end up in his home town of Bella Coola and cross his path at the rodeo. Obviously at the rodeo. More people come back to Bella Coola for the rodeo than for X-mass. Serious.
Fast forward a few days
It’s 9 am off the mark, like 9:12. We’re loaded on La Margurite, Dustin’s family fishing boat, enroute to some hot springs. We’ve got a bunch of able bodies, a 3 man zodiac, 2 crab traps, 1 mission to get everyone to the hot springs and 0 clues as to how we’re gonna get me off and on the boat. From fishin boat to zodiac, and back that is. Well, we’ve actually got a couple ideas, just not sure how any one of them might pan out. We briefly touch on the subject after the crab traps are set and then don’t speak of it any more until we’re there.
We send a few bodies over to receive on shore. Then two people in the zodiac, one to hold it steady one to assist my flop, and three people on the fishing boat, one passing my legs down another passing me and a third pulling a 1/4 inch steel cable back as far as they can to create the illusion the opening I’m about to be passed through is larger than it actually is.
Go time.
It’s as though we’d done it a few times before.

Seamlessly I am in the zodiac with my wheelchair precariously balanced over me enroute for shore. Its not the most accessible beach I’ve been on, not a beach at all actually. Almost too easy. Not entirely fair as I’m not doing any of the lifting passing or pulling. Getting back will be the true test.

Before I know it we’re all nestled into a magical split in the rock. It’s about 5ft wide and 15ft long and a couple feet deep, rock walls jutting up each side to a lush overgrown roof of greenery with light dancing it’s way through.

Surrounded by amazing people, in the middle of nowhere. We’re there. Right where we are supposed to be. Love it.

Huge Thanks! to our captain Dustin, Megan, Damien, Brady, Lindsay, Deuce, Mom, Dad, Tanner and Tarynn.

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