FlashBack, Brandon Manitoba

A month before before our cross country road trip started in April I was talking to a good friend of mine in Brandon. When I told  him, Jordan, I was coming back for a visit, he said let’s have a party. I said sure.  We should have challenged ourselves to try and rally together the most eclectic mix of people we could. Challenge or not, we did a great job. And when I say “we” I really mean “he”.

Conveniently Jordan and I  have two friends in town, one, Kaleigh who runs a bar and another, Blake who has more friends than us so it won’t be a lame party.

Blake actually has some skills behind the turntables too, probably why he’s got so many friends. Anyways, these three spin up one he…. ( you religious?)…ck (incase you are) of a party.

Everyone was there. Obviously not true. Everyone was well and equally represented. Except for the French, it was kinda nice actually, now that I think about it.

*******sorry I’m being easily distracted in my mind right now***

It was a diverse crowd. I knew about half. The other two thirds were either in the Jamaican mariachi band or heard that there was a social (synonym in the prairies for “help my brother in law drink a bar dry of rye”).

The last minute curve ball before this party came in the form of a flood evacuation for the Lady of the Lake, the bar that was scheduled to be our venue. This meant moving to a community hall. Not a problem.

Senate has kicked in some awesome raffle prizes and a local artist painted on canvas a portrait of me. Big’ol face shot, shoulders up… That was up for a silent auction.

Actually it’s a picture of me jumping off a bridge. If you want you check it out stop by Senate on 18th st in Brandon on your cross Canada adventure.

Ok, so now the party has begun. It’s a party, you’ve all most likely been to one… I hope.

There are lights and a smoke machine and right around midnight, the pizza shows up. Perfect timing.

I forgot this is how socials went down, but was happily surprised when not one,  but rather thirty pizzas showed up. And more so that all when all but four of them were devoured by the end of the night.

By the time the pizza Is gone the rye is too thanks largely to my brother in law who is now having trouble forming words let alone sentences. All the prizes have made their way home, Jordan and Kaleigh tap out with most everyone else. We leave Blake who, using his body, is showing us how a slinky might move through glowing smoke to a beat.

Much Love and Huge thanks to
Kaleigh at Lady of the Lake
Blake with the GVT sound crew
Jordan at Senate Skate Shop


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