So we got in with lots of time to spare, found a room and called it a night. Just kidding, I conveniently had a west coast friend in town. I went and met up with him for an east coast meal of beer.
Morning came in loud and fast, I wanted nothing to do with it. We got all loaded into the van. Montreal tonight, London the next night.  So we thought.

We grabbed a couple coffees to go and then didn’t make it to the end of the block. Shit. We just lost power in engine one. Which, like most modern vehicles, my 1993 ford econoline, palm springs edition camper van only has one engine. F@€k! Anybody check the oil lately? Nope. So we do, and it appears to be empty… Well, let’s get this thing off the road.

Thanks to a local music store we’re able to make it happen. Quick call to CAA and we get loaded up. Jodie goes with it to the shop, Izzy Pete and I go to a coffee shop where Pete and I lick our wounds from the night before.
I’ve got a memorial in 48 hours and a power chair to pick up in Montreal,   where we are planning on staying tonight. Oh ya,the memorial is in London 17 hrs away.
Jodie reunites with us and no diagnosis….we begin looking at alternate methods of travel. Bus, rental van, there are some cheap flights, but do we book?
4 pm we get the word, fuel filter is gone. Oh thank the engine gods we might just make it.

Thanks to the wonderful Ford dealership we are wheels Rollin noon the next day. We leave a fuel filter and cell phone and are on our way out of town at 1 pm. Memorial is in 22 hrs.

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