I’m a little behind on the writing, I apologize. You haven’t missed much. That’s what I’m supposed to say right?
We rolled in at a decent hour, on a mountain time zone clock.
The next morning after practicing patience waiting for our lazy asses to get out of bed, our gracious host filled the empty pits also known as our stomachs.

We cruise downtown and checkout out the university. Dalhousie is at the top of the hill, which means I get to bomb all the way down to the water in my chair.
( I’m excited because I’m in my manual chair. This is because my power chair has been left in MontrĂ©al.)

Just so happens it’s good Friday, there is hardly a soul to be seen. No complaints, no crowds makes wheeling easier. We weren’t in the mood for shopping anyways, at least I wasn’t. We head down the boardwalk and stumble into an old friend of Izzy’s, Theodore.

After they catch up we go battle our parched mouths at at a local watering hole also known as the Lower Deck.

This place is everything you could ask for in an East Coast experience. Basement of an old rock building, dirty rafters, funny accents and live music. We went head to head against our soberness, once we’re certain we have it in the bag we head home.

Gonna be an early morning.

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