Help Jeff win a van!!!

Jeff Scott is in a competition to win a brand new fully adapted van. Good new is you can help! If you follow the link you can read his story which he was challenged to sum up in 400 words. All he needs is your vote! It’s that easy and he’ll be able to drive himself around!!

If you click on the blue box to the left of where you enter your information you will be able to double up your votes. You can also double up your votes by voting on a wireless connection AND through a 3G network.

You can vote everyday until May 10th. Some of the best ways to remember?

1-make this page your homepage so when you open up the Internet you’re already there!
2- set a reminder in your smartphone (if you have one)!

Thank You for your support! Every vote helps!!

Vote for Jeff here!

Broke down in Fredericton…

Out for a paddle

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