Living Right Award

2017 Award winner, Amanda Timm, in her element.

Application Information

Living right means different things to different people.

We want to hear your stories about “Living Right”.

Live It! Love It! is awarding $2000. It’s up to you what “Living Right” means, perhaps it is working towards a goal, inspiring others, facing a fear, accomplishing something great or staying positive in hard times.

Send us your story, a short essay or video on what this award would mean to you and how you would use it, by September 22nd st to, Subject Line “Living Right Scholarship Application”.

Feel free to attached photos, artwork or music, anything you think will help tell your story.
Live It! Love It! Scholarships are awarded to individuals with disabilities to pursue their outdoor recreation, health, sport or adventure goals. This year we will select two winners who will each receive $1000.

In addition to your story, essay or video, applications must include:



Date of Birth



Brief description of disability


Annual personal and household income

Phone Number

Email address

By submitting, candidates swear all information is true to the best of their knowledge and consent to having their essay or video on our website if they win.

Submission deadline September 22nd, 2018.