Loaded up and Truckin.

With Revelstoke in our rear view mirror we have Calgary in our sights. We stop in Kandahar to connect with friends for dinner. It’s short and sweet and she loads us up with buff’s. Now I know you’re not sure what bus are because I have a punch in the Vannis manhole and I’m not sure what they are either.
This is what I am working with. Voice dictation. Slightly touchy and case sensitive, I am learning to talk like computer.
Into Calgary. Craig is waiting for us to let us into his place, where we will be sleeping. And he will not be. We get all settled in, and he leaves.

The next day we spend with Izzy’s dad. She gets a new skateboard and he helps install some new speakers into the van so we can have some music in the front.

stereo technician

The stereo is still pretty sh*tty. Not really sure what to do there wish I was more technology.

We have dinner at a friends place and our summer books up even more. Big time. We just signed up for an 80 km bike race. I don’t even have a bike. And. Live It! Love It! is going to host a summer camp, stay tuned for more on that.

Another night at Craig’s house, still not sure where he is sleeping, and the next morning we make tracks through the prairies.

Not much to say about them. If you’ve driven through, you know what I mean, if you haven’t well you should really spend some time in your country. If nothing else it helps you appreciate where you’re from. And the sky is massive. I heard Saskatchewan has the largest sky in the world, so that was cool to see.


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  1. Kath Jeroski says:

    Totally lovin this Jeff! Can’t wait to read about all your adventures to come:)

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