We are…

individuals with all sorts of abilities. outdoor enthusiasts. adventurers. athletes. weekend warriors. students. teachers. friends. family. riders. skiers. sliders. bikers. paddlers. hikers. runners. walkers. wheelers. jumpers. dreamers. doers. believers.

Our Mission…

to promote the progression of Adaptive Adventure and provide outdoor recreation opportunities for the disabled.

Our Vision…

a world where adventure and outdoor recreation is accessible and affordable for everyone with a disability.

We Value…

freedom, independence, fun, passion, potential, integrity, community, family, friends, adventure and active living.

Live It! Love It!


One Response to Mandate

  1. Kyle Hahn says:

    It is amazing to see someone like Josh make a return to the sport! amazing story i am writing a speech about your story and the movement you are all about! Live it! love it!

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