11 pm in…. I’m not sure what time zone we’re in, or what state for that matter. We started in Saskatchewan, got investigated at the border…. And then more Saskatchewanesk landscape took us into the night. Then the night took us to Duluth. We found a hotel and Packed it in.

The next morning we were all ready to go… Then my power chair didn’t turn on. Perfect. We spent the next hour flipping switches, making phone calls and got nowhere. I shouldn’t say nowhere, ahhh yes I should. One shop in Duluthinal Minnesota said they were booked up til friday, great I’ll hang out in my hotel room (same hotel they filmed Uncle Buck in) for the week. We don’t want to hang in Duluth, broken chair or not, so I get back in the chair, and with the help of a hotel manager, I get a push… And a pull back to the van. I get locked down and, North to the Future! It’s 12:30 pm and we’re aiming for Canada.

Lake Superior is gorgeous, blue skies, sand beaches, ice piles on the shore it almost feels tropical. Almost.

Then we stumble upon the dried up dirty brown lookin, funny smellin… Yup think it’s the asshole. We happen across the fellow who’s state we’re in. Just so happens he’s a state trooper. Just so happens we were goin a little fast.
“I’m sorry I caught you speeding in my state.”
He says at one point. Then in regard to paying the $80 cash in Canadian.
“No, courts stopped takin that because the exchange rate”
Our only other option was to pay with a drivers license.

We get to the border and “randomly” get asked to pull over for further inspection. 11:30 at night, not another car around. Out comes the dog.

430 am we roll into North Bay. Lights out.

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