My Freewheel Experience… by Melissa Allensworth

My Freewheel Experience…


My emotions were mixed with excitement and fear of the unknown. My anticipation was building as I watched everyone from our group jump and come back up with a huge smile from ear to ear. As I was being harnessed up to the bungee cord I started practicing the breathing techniques we had learned the evening before from John Coleman. Thanks John! The countdown began and I was about to be rolled backwards off a 160 foot bridge above a rushing river in the beautiful mountains of Whistler. I closed my eyes, exhaled one big long breath and rolled off. My fear was erased as I was flipping upside down. In a split second my fear turned to freedom. I opened my eyes and had a calming peaceful experience as I continued to free fall. When I was brought back up I couldn’t wipe the ear to ear grin off my face. I can’t wait to do it again!


The theme of the camp was balance, sharing the highs and managing the lows. We started our mornings by playing yoga lead by Lacey Dueck. Connecting to my breath and adapting my body into different stretches was a great way to prepare my mind and body for the days adventures. Thanks Lacey! Whether it was a full day of hand cycling through Pemberton experiencing the local farms during the annual Slow Food Cycle, bungee jumping off a 160 foot bridge, zip lining through the trees in the breathtaking mountains, or playing polo in kayaks on a lake, we brought each eventful day to a close with a relaxing meditation session lead by John Coleman.


The days were made complete with healthy meals prepared by awesome volunteers. Every meal not only looked beautiful with a variety of colors from local produce, they also tasted delicious. Even if I hadn’t participated in any of the activities, it would have been well worth the trip just for the food! Thanks Auntie Connie and all the other wonderful people that helped feed us!


Freewheel is a perfect name for this camp. To be free and not let our wheelchairs hold us back from adventure. Meeting awesome people and sharing these unforgettable moments has made a positive life changing impact on my heart. I am forever grateful to Live it! Love It! and everyone that made Freewheel Whistler 2012 possible!! Thank you!!




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