Mythical Magnetic Mountain.

It was a short stop. It was closed. I had to see though.

And see I did, saw someone gettin rich on an “optical” illusion. Might work if your brain got installed crooked. Bunch of dummies gave $5 to find out if Magnetic Hill would pull their car up it. I duck a barrier and go see if it will work with my chair…. You start on the backside go up over and to the start point.

Here’s why I think its dumb.
1. I, like the water in the ditch, was able to easily roll down magnetic hill.
2. I had to wheel up to the start point.
3. I did not make it back over magnetic hill with out some help.

1.I was not in a car , as it says you’re supposed to be.
2. The man whos built a small town/amusement park around the illusion is doing something right
3 . Everyone who pays to find out, aren’t.

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  1. Bruno says:

    You guys just ruined one of my childhood memories. Next, you’ll be posting about how my letters to Santa don’t really go to the North Pole or that my parents really put money under my pillow as a kid, not the Tooth fairy. I’m glad you guys at least enjoyed New Brunswick! Safe travels!

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