Vancouver Island Society for Adaptive Snowsports – 2016 Winter Snowsports Festival

Once again, VISAS is offering a learn-to-ski/board week at Mount Washington between January 3rd and 7th, 2016 for people with disabilities who would like to try their hand at these fabulous pursuits. It’s an incredible opportunity to get up in the mountains and slide around on snow! Here‘s a link to more information, and a video of our co-founder Jeff Scott and his crew getting some tasty turns at Mt. Washington. YouTube Preview Image

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The Revy SS Camp

Like a bat out of hell, blind and on fire, I come barreling out of the trees of Vertigo Ridge with Al at the helm. We swing it around in time to watch the disciples pick their way through the final steep treed section of the run. It ain’t pretty, the run that is. The skiing is Ace’s though. It needs to be, it’s on a few inches of warm blown in fresh, on top of a nice spring crust that’s been softened ever so slightly. It’s the graduation run of The Revy Sit Ski Camp. Considering it’s hard to tell who’s a coach and who’s a camper as they leapfrog their way down, I’d say the campers surprised themselves with how far they’ve come in three days.
small Group top of stoke

Twice as many sit skiers went through our application process as we were able to invite. These 3 fit the bill, intermediate skills and looking to push their skills beyond what any adaptive program in the province is doing.

There’s a definite niche in the sit ski school of progression. That’s what this camp was designed to do, fill the free skiing void after one out grows the adaptive programs of the province. We gathered some of the best the province has to offer as coaches. From recently retired national team athletes to X Games gold medalists, these guys are a wealth of knowledge especially when it comes to the steep challenging terrain Revelstoke Mountain Resort has to offer.
Kelly K2
The event was a huge success, which could have very easily gone the other direction considering the weather. I don’t like to be the guy that talks about the weather. So I’ll stop. We had our first run on the top of the Stoke chair, here the foundation for the weekend was laid. Our coaches discussed and demonstrated some essential skills to ‘billy goat’ your way through any kind of terrain.

IMG_2779 IMG_3228 IMG_3285

Think about that. A Billy Goat, in a sit ski. Or a sit skier in Billy the Goats terrain. Neither seem quite right. Regardless, the drills were laid out and executed. After the basics were covered, to keep flow, we adopted a coaching on the go approach. This allowed us to keep some nice rhythm in our runs and let the coaches challenge and give feed back right away to the campers. Then before you know it, it’s over. Like the weekend, the article ended sooner than most would have liked. Good news, it’s going down again next year!
Huge thank you to all of our sponsors and our volunteers that made this event possible!
This camp was made truly incredible by our:
Title Sponsor

Supporting Sponsors
ras_logo_131230_01 K2-Circle600 2000px-Best_Western_logo.svg
William Eaton Photography

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Revelstoke ski camp in the works!

jds4So our skiing plans have changed a little bit this year. We are unfortunately not going to be running a Make Their Day event. We are now going to be running an intermediate free skiing camp for athletes with a physical disability at RMR in Revelstoke this March! This camp is going to be for athletes looking to really build their skills. RMR has some steep terrain and is known for their deep snow, hopefully we’ll be working on both!

Given the right weather, there might be an opportunity to do some para gliding as well!

We are going to put together a group of individuals that we feel will benefit the most from this camp.

What you need to do, to be considered, is tell us a little about yourself:
1- How long you’ve been skiing/experience, are you comfortable getting on and off a ski lift by yourself?
2- Nature of your disability
3- Device/s you use on the hill
4- Skills you would like to work on at a camp like this
5-Any medical issues we should know about that might put you or others at risk while doing the activities mentioned?
6-Are you available to be in Revelstoke the night of March 26th through to the 29th
7- Whether you’d be interested in paragliding

Send that along with the following basic info to
– Name
– Date of birth
– Contact info
-Emergency contact info; ie parent

We look forward to hearing from you.
If you have any questions, ask away!

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Chris Miller is Living Right in 2015!!

miller bike

First and foremost thank you all for your applications!! We had the most applications ever for this years award. We’re excited to announce this years Living Right Award is being granted to Chris Miller out of Revelstoke!

miller 2

Chris has risen above the rest with his positive attitude, drive to get back to a familiar way of life along with some clear goals. He had a stroke in January of 2014 and has been on the path to recover since. He’s a passionate outdoors-man from skiing and biking to snowmobiling he does it all. His recent stroke has left him longing to get back to a little more adventure. His first mission is to get himself back in the dirt. He’s been an avid mountain biker, so that is where he’s focusing right now. This award will help him purchase a recumbent trike. Stay tuned for photos of Chris in his new rig!

miller bike2

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Make Their Day

Above picture is Make Their Day camper Gillian Worsley

We’re excited after an incredible summer to look at the coming winter. Especially when we look back at last winter. If you to want to look back at what we were up to check out this vid!

We wanted to help get an individual back to that special place, the mountains. This is the first time we’ve run a camp like this. People applied and were nominated to be a part of this project. In the end two individuals were selected to take part in the first Make Their Day event. It was such a success we are going to be running a Make Their Day event again this February, we’re open to applications. We will also run another more advanced ski camp in March, which will be similar to our ski camp from two winters ago with Josh Dueck as our head coach. Check out the Programs tab on our website for more info!

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$1000 “Living Right” Award up for Grabs!

“If you live right, once is enough. “

At Live It! Love It! we believe “Living Right” means embracing our passions, overcoming obstacles, discovering our potential, challenging ourselves and making a positive impact on the people around us.

This winter we’re awarding another Living Right sponsorship.

Starting November 1st, we are accepting applications for the Living Right Award, a $1000 scholarship to help one lucky person with some expenses.

The contest is open to anyone with a physical disability.

Perhaps you are working towards a goal, inspiring others, facing a fear, accomplishing something great or staying positive in hard times. We want to know how you define “Living Right” and how you have put Living Right into practice in your own life.

Tell us what this award would mean to you and how you would use it in a short essay or video.

Spread the word, get your thinking caps on and start telling your story.

Have a friend or family member with a disability that inspires you by “Living Right”? Let them know about this great oppotunity!

Contest Closes at noon January 31st 2015. For application details click : Living Right Award

Athlete ~ Emily Succhy, past recipient of Award
photographer unknown

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Attention Gophers! Golfers too!

It’s that time of year again. Dust off your clubs, spark up your… carts and get ready for the Annual Caddyshack Classic!!
Coming at you faster than your in-laws for Thanksgiving, it’s next weekend, Sept 21, up in Revelstoke BC!

See poster below for details

From out of town, call the Village Idiot to register ahead of time. (250) 837-6240

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Downhill Mountainbiking, on the Edge!

A man, Michał Kosik, who lives to mountain bike has one crazy set up. Five years ago as a result of an accident that left him in a wheelchair, he ended up needing a new bike to get back to riding the way he wanted to. He seems to have figured it out as you can see in this video.

Be it a small world we live in or not, pretty cool that Stacy Kohut of Whistler showed this French man, on the other side of the planet, the way. Read more about Michał and his build here and be sure to check out this tasty little edit!

YouTube Preview Image

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Make Their Day camper Mike Shaw update

When we ran our Make Their Day event we weren’t sure who would apply. Ashlin Tipper sent a nomination in for Mike Shaw. He was a perfect candidate. With his incredible mental strength and very motivated personality, recently discharged from GF Strong he was ripe and ready to play.

Back to the mountains we went with him and Gillian Worsley, who gave Mikes nomination such a run for it’s money, we ended up taking the two of them! They both far exceeded everyone’s expectations, including their own, with what they were able to do.

Here’s a great article on Mike, showcasing how far he’s come, and the impact he’s had on others. “I knew instantly…”

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Make Their Day!

We are putting a twist on our skiing adventure this year. We want to take an individual who used to shred, and has not been since a spinal cord injury, and get them back to the mountains. We want to help because we know how challenging it can be to return to that incredible place.

What do you win?
This trip will include a day of skiing for you and your friend at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, and a more private day in the renowned Revelstoke backcountry. It will also include accommodation and food for your time in Revelstoke.

How do you enter?
We want you to tell us who should get to go! Submit yourself or your friend today!

Be sure to include
1-Who your friend is, name and age
2-Their (or your) level of injury, date of injury
3-What ski or snowboard experience they (or you) had
4-Why you/your friend should be selected. Do you/your volunteer? Practice random acts of kindness?
5-Explain the impact this will have
6-Contact information

Submit entries to by February 21st. Winner announced Feb 28th. Trip dates to be determined.

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