Help Jeff win a van!!!

Jeff Scott is in a competition to win a brand new fully adapted van. Good new is you can help! If you follow the link you can read his story which he was challenged to sum up in 400 words. All he needs is your vote! It’s that easy and he’ll be able to drive himself around!!

If you click on the blue box to the left of where you enter your information you will be able to double up your votes. You can also double up your votes by voting on a wireless connection AND through a 3G network.

You can vote everyday until May 10th. Some of the best ways to remember?

1-make this page your homepage so when you open up the Internet you’re already there!
2- set a reminder in your smartphone (if you have one)!

Thank You for your support! Every vote helps!!

Vote for Jeff here!

Broke down in Fredericton…

Out for a paddle

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Emily Suchy is going to nationals!


My name is Emily Suchy, and I’m a ParaNordic Sit-Skier on the Revelstoke Nordic Team. I was diagnosed with Perthes in my right hip when I was about 7, and then in my left hip when I was 11. Basically the blood flow to the head of the femur gets cut off and the bone wears down. Weight-bearing, like walking around a lot, standing skiing, running; any kind of sport where you’re putting a lot of pressure on the hips isn’t an option. My right leg has healed up pretty well, it only gets sore once in a while. The left leg is still not in great condition and probably won’t heal as well as the right, since I don’t have a whole lot of growing left in me.

I’m now 15 and started Nordic skiing last year, after having gone to Canmore and trying out a sit ski there. There was a group of people with a bunch of skis, that anyone could try out. We did and I was immediately drawn to the sport. My family and I have always been pretty active but it’s definitely harder in the winter.

They brought in snow and covered the streets for this festival, it was pretty cool. The one in the middle is Marc Ardnez, a national team member. Canmore, 2010. Photo by Debbie Koerber.

The next year, we were on our way to Canmore again, this time to learn all about Nordic skiing in a chair, and hopefully to come home with my own sit ski. I remember the feeling in the car on the way there, excited and full of questions and then on the way back the way my head was going to explode with information. I got to meet so many important and experienced people in the skiing world, as well as people who had never Para-skied before, like me. There was a blind person who told me about what they think when they hear the word green; a double arm amputee who told us about trying to change his daughters diaper with arm prosthetics. These people were really inspiring and they really opened my eyes to a whole other world. I could go on forever about this experience!

I learned a lot from Colette, national team member and six-time Paralympian. Canmore, 2011, photo taken by Debbie Koerber.

This is the whole camp in Canmore, 2011. Photo by Debbie.

Now, a year later, I have my own custom made sit ski from help of a lot of community members, and of course Live it! Love it!. Debbie Koerber, my dad and myself worked together with Trent Kappler to design and weld the frame for the ski I have now. We then took it to Trevor Kehler who used his creativity with seat belts to make me a seat. There was definitely a lot of help and support from local Revelstokians, as well as Stussi’s Ski Shop in Vernon who donated my first pair of skis. I definitely would not be doing this without the help of Debbie Koerber, who did, and does so much work to get me to races and find funding for equipment, not to mention frequently waxing my skis!

The BC Winter Games one of the bigger races I’ve gone to, which was so, so much fun. I met a lot of people and definitely noticed how friendly and supportive they were.

The Revelstoke Team posing on the podium, BC Winter Games, 2011/2012 season. Photo by Debbie Koerber.

For this year’s goal, Debbie, my coaches Andrei and Matt, and I plan on going to Nationals. Anyone can go to nationals, you don’t have to qualify. Unfortunately, there’s not many people in ParaNordic skiing. In all of Canada, there’s about 5-10 female sit skiers, Colette Bourgonje being top on the list for Canada. Her times set the bar fairly high, and if all goes well and she’s back from Europe in time, I hope to race her at Nationals. It will tell me how close I am to making the development squad, and how close I am, in comparison to the rest of the world.

The race is going to be in Whistler for 9 days and I have 4 events all together. Debbie Koerber and I sent a request to the Live it! Love it! board for some help with accommodation, travel, registration, and food costs. Turns out the Live it! Love it! Foundation would be really glad to help me out at Nationals this year. Thank you so much, I’m so thankful for the support and happy attitudes, it’s great!

My best friend Tayla and I. ^^

^^ Starting with the midgets in Larch Hills.

^^ Canmore camp 2012/2013 season.

This is Debbie Koerber and I in Canmore. Debbie has done so much for me, I could never thank her enough!

^^ This was in Larch hills, I raced in the midgets category, who are 12-13 years old. 4th Place 🙂 2012/2013 season.

The Revelstoke team in Sovereign Lake, 2012/13 season. ^^

And for now, I’ll keep training and racing with the team, about 5 or 6 days a week. I love having a sport to push myself in and to show my competitive side, it’s a great way to spend my winters. 🙂

Thank-you Live it! Love it! I’m looking forward to updating you on how Nationals went! 🙂

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Broken Skis?

What do you do with your good ski if you’ve broken or lost it’s match?
Tired of talking about building an adirondack chair and never getting around to it? Or maybe you did, yet your skis are still piling up. Consider your problems solved. A very cool website started up. Broken Skis is uniting single skis with their respective mates, either another individual in the same situation (missing one ski), or with a sit skiers (they’re always on the hunt for single skis!). What’s extra cool about this site is that they make donations to different organizations. The Live it! Love it! Foundation is slated to receive their first round of donations! Slide on over to their site to check them out and/or donate some lonely skis!

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Long Live Twinkle Toes

Any activity you excel at, once you’re beyond a certain level, novice let’s say, it can be hard to go back and appreciate the same environment as challenging, even though you know at one point it was all that.
In the new light, it’s hardly worth the time. It almost becomes boring. I’m talking about Twinkle Toes. It’s a ski run on Hudson Bay Mountain. It’s got everything you look for as an 8 yr old learning to ride. Little snake runs on the side and through islands of trees in the middle, jumps everywhere the groomer wasn’t able to churn up some fresh corduroy and a rise at the end that forces you to point it and go faster than you’re comfortable. That or you walk or hop your way over it. 20 years ago, this run looked the same. The only difference might be the height of the trees.
I learned how to ski, and then how to snowboard here. I hit little jumps, bobbed and weaved in and out of the snake runs and ate shit because I was going to fast but didn’t want to walk, or hop, over the inevitably looming rise at the bottom.
I did this run with friends and family for many years. Then, I out grew the jumps, my boards got too long to fully appreciate the snake runs and the rise at the end seemed minor as did the speed required to clear it. Twinkle Toes, I’m sad to say, seemingly turned into a thing of the past.

That is until I returned to the mountain to learn how to sit ski. I don’t think the ever changing jumps, snake runs or the steadfast rise at the bottom have changed at all. The welcoming gradual grade is still there as well. It’s the perfect place to catch a little air and open it up to scare yourself. It feels like, on a run like this, there could be no wrong. Until you catch your downhill edge and fill both your ears with snow, as I did with my brother in law, who was behind me assisting, is now right next to me doing the same. It’s what any good captain, worth his weight in dried mangos, is supposed to do. Go down with the ship.

Big Thanks to Geoff, Lindsay, Dad, Rob, Michele

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Dispatches on Outside Television

Outside Television joined Live It! Love It! in Whistler last summer. Check out the episode that is airing in season one of the new tv series.


YouTube Preview Image

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Who is your Adventurer of the Year?

National Geographic has assembled a list of ten people whom have met or exceed their vision of what it means to be an adventurer. Josh Dueck has been humbled and honored to be in such great company and thrilled beyond measure to be acknowledged by the original stewards of our environment and purveyors of wonder. Learn more about the adventurers or place your vote now!

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The Coast Hotel Supports Adapted Adventure!!

The Coast Hotel Joins Forces With Live it! Love it! Foundation

Exciting news for the Live it! Love it! Foundation as they have teamed up with the Coast Blackcomb Suites at Whistler. A portion of the proceeds from their accessible rooms will be donated to the foundation every time they’re rented out. Their support will help the Foundation continue to Empower individuals with a disability through Adventure.
How can can you help? If you’re in Whistler and in need of a comfy hotel, stop by the Coast and ask for one of their accessible rooms! Please, remember to give priority to those who need.

Thank you for the support!

If you’d like more info please contact

Jeff Scott


Coast Blackcomb Suites at Whistler

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Martha Creek Meltdown! Enduro/ DH Bike Race to raise money for LILI!

Register online! Click: Martha Creek Meltdown Registration Page

On September 15th 2012 one of Revelstoke’s world class mountain bike trails will be host to BC’s DH and Enduro riders for a peak to valley mountain bike showdown.


If descending from the 2100 meter peak of Sale Mountain across alpine meadows, over 300 meters of boardwalks, down techy steepness and through rooty gnarl isn’t enough, riders can opt for the climbers category – a 1500 meter climb up dusty roads to the very top.



Martha Creek Trail / Martha Creek Provincial Park

(20 KM North of Revelstoke)



September 15th 2012



To prove you can survive the meltdown!

Shake yer booty to some live tunes by the Lake!

Support the Live It! Love It! Foundation!



Under 18 DH (1500 meter descent)

Over 18 DH (1500 meter descent)

ENDURO (1500 meter climb + 1500 meter descent)



Camping is available at the Martha Creek Provincial Park Campground on a first come first served basis.

$21/ per party/ per night



PRIZES GALORE! Local food Vendors! LIVE MUSIC! Apres ride massages! YOGA BY THE LAKE! afternoon kids relays! LAKESIDE AWARDS PARTY!


REGISTER TODAY! Spots are Limited! Early Bird Pricing until Sept 1st! events


This event is hosted by the Live It! Love It! Foundation and the Revelstoke Cycling Association. All proceeds will be donated to provide outdoor recreation opportunities for the disabled!!!


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My Freewheel Experience… by Melissa Allensworth

My Freewheel Experience…


My emotions were mixed with excitement and fear of the unknown. My anticipation was building as I watched everyone from our group jump and come back up with a huge smile from ear to ear. As I was being harnessed up to the bungee cord I started practicing the breathing techniques we had learned the evening before from John Coleman. Thanks John! The countdown began and I was about to be rolled backwards off a 160 foot bridge above a rushing river in the beautiful mountains of Whistler. I closed my eyes, exhaled one big long breath and rolled off. My fear was erased as I was flipping upside down. In a split second my fear turned to freedom. I opened my eyes and had a calming peaceful experience as I continued to free fall. When I was brought back up I couldn’t wipe the ear to ear grin off my face. I can’t wait to do it again!


The theme of the camp was balance, sharing the highs and managing the lows. We started our mornings by playing yoga lead by Lacey Dueck. Connecting to my breath and adapting my body into different stretches was a great way to prepare my mind and body for the days adventures. Thanks Lacey! Whether it was a full day of hand cycling through Pemberton experiencing the local farms during the annual Slow Food Cycle, bungee jumping off a 160 foot bridge, zip lining through the trees in the breathtaking mountains, or playing polo in kayaks on a lake, we brought each eventful day to a close with a relaxing meditation session lead by John Coleman.


The days were made complete with healthy meals prepared by awesome volunteers. Every meal not only looked beautiful with a variety of colors from local produce, they also tasted delicious. Even if I hadn’t participated in any of the activities, it would have been well worth the trip just for the food! Thanks Auntie Connie and all the other wonderful people that helped feed us!


Freewheel is a perfect name for this camp. To be free and not let our wheelchairs hold us back from adventure. Meeting awesome people and sharing these unforgettable moments has made a positive life changing impact on my heart. I am forever grateful to Live it! Love It! and everyone that made Freewheel Whistler 2012 possible!! Thank you!!




flippin’ fun

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Live It! Love It! Freewheel Whistler Adaptive Adventure Camp is here again!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Live It! Love It! Foundation Adaptive Adventure Camp attracts youth with disabilities from all over North America to Whistler next week.


August 14, 2012. Whistler BC

Live It! Love It! Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to empower through adventure and provide exciting outdoor recreation opportunities for the disabled. Their  adventure camps- such as the Freewheel Whistler Adaptive Adventure camp taking place on August 19-22nd 2012,  have received international attention  and this year more than half of the participants in the camp will travel from the United States and outside of BC to take part in the program.


Freewheel Whistler’s focus is broadening the scope of Adaptive Adventure by trying new activities that fall outside of the realm of more traditional “wheelchair sports.  A few of the activities on the schedule this year include: handcycling the slow food cycle Sunday in Pemberton,  bungee jumping with Whistler Bungee, zip lining with Wildplay Whistler, Kayaking on Alta Lake, taking in a wheelchair paragliding demo by local Whistlerite and X-Games champion Sam Danniels, yoga, meditation and so on.

“This years camp theme is Balance” says foundation Executive Director, Izzy Lynch. “We want to provide opportunities for the campers to get their adrenaline pumping and identify with action sports community for sure, but we also want to give them tools for relaxation, self discovery and connecting with others and themselves.”

In cooperation with  CLIF and the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program, the camp will be complete with a line up of activities, mental training workshops with a certified sports psychologist,  cook outs and presentations from experienced adaptive adventurers and Para-athletes such as Josh Dueck who won a silver medal in the 2010 Paralympic games in Whistler.

The camp is fully subsidized for participants and is funded hosting fundraisers and collecting donations from generous supporters of the cause.  CLIF has generously donated $1000 to award to a participant at the camp who exemplifies the Live It! Love It! spirit, to help them achieve their adventure goals.

 About Live It! Love It! Foundation and the Freewheel Whistler Camp

Founded by a collective of individuals with and without physical disabilities in 2011, the Live It! Love It! Foundation has worked over the past year to create a movement that reveals the potential for adaptive adventure and facilitates outdoors recreation opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Lynch says-  “We were inspired and motivated by the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program and all of their amazing programming and resources and wanted build on the options for people with disabilities to engage in adventure and get outside. Whistler is the perfect community for that and we are working together to make it happen”.

Live It! Love It! is inviting public to join us at the Slow Food Cycle on August 18th 2012. Support Adaptive Adventure by visiting, joining the Live It! Love It! community on Facebook-, and Twitter: liveitloveitfdn. Stay tuned for a video following the  adventure camp!

For more information about the event schedule or the foundation please contact:

Izzy Lynch

Executive Director

Live It! Love It! Foundation

(250) 814 7377



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