Fishing Boats and Hot Springs

The chances are slim, and that’s probably why we connected. Over two years have passed since Dustin and I lay helpless on our backs in Vancouver General Hospitals ICU days following our respective accidents. Now I end up in his home town of Bella Coola and cross his path at the rodeo. Obviously at the rodeo. More people come back to Bella Coola for the rodeo than for X-mass. Serious.
Fast forward a few days
It’s 9 am off the mark, like 9:12. We’re loaded on La Margurite, Dustin’s family fishing boat, enroute to some hot springs. We’ve got a bunch of able bodies, a 3 man zodiac, 2 crab traps, 1 mission to get everyone to the hot springs and 0 clues as to how we’re gonna get me off and on the boat. From fishin boat to zodiac, and back that is. Well, we’ve actually got a couple ideas, just not sure how any one of them might pan out. We briefly touch on the subject after the crab traps are set and then don’t speak of it any more until we’re there.
We send a few bodies over to receive on shore. Then two people in the zodiac, one to hold it steady one to assist my flop, and three people on the fishing boat, one passing my legs down another passing me and a third pulling a 1/4 inch steel cable back as far as they can to create the illusion the opening I’m about to be passed through is larger than it actually is.
Go time.
It’s as though we’d done it a few times before.

Seamlessly I am in the zodiac with my wheelchair precariously balanced over me enroute for shore. Its not the most accessible beach I’ve been on, not a beach at all actually. Almost too easy. Not entirely fair as I’m not doing any of the lifting passing or pulling. Getting back will be the true test.

Before I know it we’re all nestled into a magical split in the rock. It’s about 5ft wide and 15ft long and a couple feet deep, rock walls jutting up each side to a lush overgrown roof of greenery with light dancing it’s way through.

Surrounded by amazing people, in the middle of nowhere. We’re there. Right where we are supposed to be. Love it.

Huge Thanks! to our captain Dustin, Megan, Damien, Brady, Lindsay, Deuce, Mom, Dad, Tanner and Tarynn.

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Amanda Timm Update- Skate Park Skills with Life Rolls On

Last weekend I had the opportunity to test out my skate park skills with Life Rolls
On – They Will Skate Again at Venice Beach CA. Being able to spend the day with
Skate Park legends like Aaron Fotheringham, Darryl Keith Tait, and Dat Lebbe,
changes your perspective on what you are able to master not only in the skate park
but in day to day life.

Here’s a short clip of what we got to do:

Amanda Timm

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Wheelchair and Home Medical Equipment for Sale

Specialty Equipment For Sale in Nakusp, BC

  • Hill-Rom All electric bed- FREE
  • Pressure Guard Mattress (1 yr old) – $200
  • Rhythm Mid-wheel drive power chair 18in. D x 16in. W (with tilt)
    2 years old gently used – $8000
  • 2 Roho Quadtro Select cushions – $200 each
  • Invacare A4 manual chair used only indoors – $2000
  • Voyager Celing lift with 2 8ft tracks, 2 batteries and 2 slings – $1500
  • Aqua-Tec shower chair/commode with tilt $500

Contact Patty in Nakusp at 250-265-4572 or

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Whistler Adventure Update- Amanda Timm

It was another amazing few days of adventure with “Live It, Love It.” This
time we had the honor of spending time with Tess Weaver and John Roderick from
Outside TV and Magazine who were filming our extreme sports for an upcoming
segment on Adaptive Adventures.

“Live it, Love it” has a way of literally throwing you off a bridge right when
you get there to ensure you can handle everything that might occur in the upcoming
days. Tuesday morning Jeff Scott, Justin Johnson and I, met at Whistler Bungee for
some shots of people pretending to fly. As a second time jumper it wasn’t scary but
the thrill of falling and not entirely knowing if you will be caught will never get old.

Then it was straight off to Fitzsimmons Creek to watch Ben Thompson show us how white
water Kayaking is really done. You could tell the river wasn’t to challenging for him
by how he handled all the rapids with such ease. His skills in the water
were so fluent it was hard to believe the kayak wasn’t a part of him.

Jeff and I had the pleasure of waking up for some incredible rowing on
peaceful Alta Lake. Thank you to Whistler Adaptive for allowing us to test out their
brand new adapted rowing sculls which go extremely fast once you get the hang
of them.

Then it was off to Pemberton to watch Sam Danniels go paragliding in his
wheelchair with Cayoosh Expeditions. This was something that was new to most of
us and now that I’ve seen it done I can’t wait to try it. I thought bungee jumping was
flying but after witnessing the possibility of literally flying, your perspective changes
and you realize there are so many things you could be doing that you have never
dreamt of.

Thursday Morning Sam Danniels wanted to show off his skills some more
so this time we met him at Whistler Bike Park where he gave a Fourcross downhill
Bike Demo. This extreme wild child was going of features that able-bodies weren’t
even attempting.

In the afternoon, Wildplay Whistler had Jeff and I for some Zoom
Zip lining. Imagine zip lining on their Godzilla line, which is 1500’ in length, 400’
above the ground and offers a 200’ elevation drop from launch to landing, reaching
speeds of up to 100km/hr. It was unbelievable to say the least.

The 5-6 minute segment will be out in the fall so make sure you stay tuned.
Thank you Izzy for organizing everything and making sure everything ran smoothly.
Don’t miss signing up for the Freewheel Whistler Camp to try out some of these activities. Registration opens June 28th at 8:00am PST:

Amanda Timm

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Joe Stone Awarded $500 “Living Right” Award!

Congratulations to Joe Stone the winner of Live It! Love It! Foundation’s $500 Living Right Award on June 15th 2012.

Joe is an incomplete c7 quadriplegic who injured himself in a paragliding accident in 2010. Before even sitting on a hand cycle Joe Stone decided he would return to Montana from Rehab and bike the Going To The Sun road through Glacier National Park, one day before the one year anniversary of his accident. This was a major accomplishment for Joe, and it inspired him to be the first wheelchair using quadriplegic to complete an IronMan Triathalon.

Joe told us what he thinks Living Right means in his short video submission. He exemplifies the Live It! Love It! philosophy by pushing beyond physical limitations and doing what he loves as well as spreading the word about what being healthy and active can do for your mind and body. The biggest lesson Joe has learned in his journey is “the importance of giving back to your community”.

Thank You Joe for sharing your story and for Living Right! Stay tuned for more on Joe and how he puts his Living Right Award to use on his journey to completing the IronMan!

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6th Annual Firefighters Hard Labour Auction LAUNCHES TODAY!

Media Release


June 11th 2012

REVELSTOKE B.C.- The Monashee Unit Crew launches their 6th annual
Firefighters Hard Labour Auction in Revelstoke B.C. Funds raised from
this silent auction will be donated to Live It, Love It! a non-profit
organization that provides recreation opportunities for individuals
with spinal cord injuries. Live It, Love It! is currently working with
the community of Revelstoke to help establish an adaptive ski program.

The Monashee Crew will be holding this silent auction starting
Monday, June 11th. The crew, composed of twenty hardworking wildfire
fighters, will be auctioning all twenty members’ labour for a full
eight hour day. From digging ditches, to chopping firewood, this fit
and motivated crew is willing to do just about anything to help people
with spinal injuries get active again.

The auction board will be placed in the Revelstoke Home Hardware (201
Campbell St) and applicants can cast bids there during business hours.
The auction will start on Monday, June 11th and will conclude on
Friday, June 22nd at 5pm. The winner will be contacted by June 24th to
arrange the details for the labour. In addition, any online donations
placed at during the 2 week auction will receive
2 official Live It! Love It! stickers and a chance to win a draw

This project is a fundraising tradition for the firefighting crew,
which in past years has raised over $25,000 for organizations such as
The Rick Hansen Foundation, the B.C. Children’s Hospital, and Live It,
Love It! When asked about last year’s event, Izzy Lynch, executive
director for LILI said, “We were amazed at how much work the crew got
done- it was impressive!”

Wildland firefighters are known for working some of the world’s most
gruelling days. The Monashee Unit Crew decided to harness this energy
and direct it towards a cause that is close to their hearts. Jeff
Scott, founder of Live it! Love it! is Monashee Crew Member, was
involved in a snowboarding accident that left him quadriplegic. As any
good family would, the crew has set upon supporting Jeff’s mission to
empower others through adventure. The opportunity to bring publicity
and financial support to Live It! Love It! benefit both the community
of Revelstoke (through the adaptive ski program) and also gives the
firefighters a chance to donate some of their spare time to a cause
that matters. The Unit Crew intends to approach the project with same
determination and drive that they bring to the fireline.

For more information, to offer donations, or to place bids by phone,
please contact Monashee Crew Member Ryan Hill or Erik Hanson.

Ryan Hill and
Erik Hanson
Monashee Unit Crew
Revelstoke B.C.

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Amanda Timm “Adventure Time” Video Update

Last time we saw Amanda she was shredding up the slopes at Sunshine Village on her sit ski. She’s been busy since. Check out her latest skydiving, surfing, kayaking, go carting edit…

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$500 “Living Right” Award up for Grabs!

“You only live once, but if you live right, once is enough. “

At Live It! Love It! we believe “living right” means  embracing our passions, overcoming obstacles, discovering our potential,  challenging ourselves and making a positive impact on the people around us.

This winter we’re awarding another Living Right sponsorship.

Starting November 1st, we are accepting applications for the Living Right Award, a $500 scholarship to help one lucky person with expenses associated with adaptive sport, activity, adventure or outdoor recreation.

The contest is open to anyone with any sort of physical disability.

Perhaps you are working towards a goal, inspiring others, facing a fear, accomplishing something great or staying positive in hard times. We want to know how you define “Living Right” and how you have put Living Right into practice in your own life.

Tell us your story in 500 words or less, or a 2 minute video.

Spread the word, get your thinking caps on and start telling your story.

Have a friend or family member with a disability that inspires you by “Living Right”? We’ll accept applications submitted on their behalf. No Prob!

Contest Closes December 31st 2013. For application details click : Living Right Award


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9 People. 7 Sports. 1 Great Time!

9 friends brought together through the common thread of adventure. 7 acts of self propulsion brought together by the race organizers. 1 day that brought us a little closer together.

It went a little something like this. Our first racer skips his practice run for some quality Facebook time and a bowl of granola… Then after a sprint gaining 500m of elevation he gets to his equipment and is off. Off to our X-country skiier. All you need to know about this man is he’s a never nude in his denim and “don’t hassle the Hoff” shirt.

This is where I’m not sure what’s exactly happening, and I’m riddled with anticipation as a result.

I’m down meeting our road cyclist to give him his bib and wish him luck. Then ask for some luck in getting to a gas station and then the canoe unloading zone before the briefing.
We arrive around the same time our second skier passes to our first runner. Who then passes to our second runner.
I know what you’re thinking, and they are. Very fast.
Around this time we get my seat and backrest secured into the canoe. The canoe which our inspector compliments, or scoffs at. The canoe, not our recent handy work. Hard to tell with all the excitement.

Regardless our second runner has probably transitioned to our downhill biker at this point. The point at which Peter, my canoeing partner and I are informed, our transition zone is a kilometer away. One of us has to be there and receive the bracelet from our road biker. Peter in his skate shoes and carharts volunteers…?? He decides to throw some shorts on to cut some time and increase some comfort.

As our down hill biker passes off to our kayaker I’ve made my way into a dry suit, mostly because I actually haven’t been in a double canoe since my injury. We did an afternoon of dry land training. Which we figured should be good enough for the final leg, a 5km paddle… on the ocean. But just as you trust in god yet tie up your camel, I was wearing a dry suit.

I’m now on the waters edge anticipating Peters arrival. Many teams have breezed through. Some with two left feet, some with three. Nobody has fallen in yet, but there’s been some close…
“57!… 57! Your runner is coming, prepare your canoe!”

Crap! That’s me! We put the final pieces of my dry suit slash life jacket together and before we’re done, Peters arrived! Guys fast!
Quick flip of me into the front and we’re off! Into a solid head wind…

I’ve got my feet up on the bow and my legs bent back towards me. This worked for and against me. It gave me limited room between my chest and knees limiting my optimum stroke, yet they offered me something to leverage off when I needed.

Now I’m sure you’ve played, or seen someone play leapfrog. After we got into our stride, or stroke, we started to get ourselves into this game very similar to leapfrog. Only we didn’t jump, pass or over take anyone. Ok that’s not true either, there was one boat that managed to capsize once we were in a little more exposed of an area. I remember seeing them flip their canoe, but now that I mention it I don’t remember passing them. I just assumed we would. Maybe we did? Maybe they were able to get back in? Either way we shed a good… Ahh you don’t need to know how many place we dropped. Let’s just say we had a lot of encouragement from continually passing boats.

All in all we had good conditions, no rain and fairly calm. We ended up going straight through some 2-3 foot waves that had me on a tightrope, practicing my balance. Nothin we weren’t able to manage though.

When we got to the finish line, most of our team was there to cheer us in.

Blow horn and everything. Along with the countless boats that snuck past us cheering aswell. As we got our canoe up on the boat launch I was hoisted out of it and run up to the top. All of which was a surprise to me, so much so that when we got to the bell I missed! A couple more teams snuck past and… Just kidding, I managed to give it a good ring on my second swing! We made it! A day later and I still don’t know where we placed and I still don’t care. Such a great adventure with amazing people.

Huge Thanks to, in order of what I understood the appearance to be…
Cody Haggard – downhill skier,
Matt Cecill – x-country skier, Kathryn Mullis – road runner,
Dave Melanson – trail runner,
Amy Cooper – downhill mountain biker and the glue that kept us together!
Jen – kayaker,
Tom Bailey – road biker,
Peter Greene – canoe

All of the event organizers at the Snow to Surf that made it such an amazing experience!

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Community Comment in Revelstoke Times Review – Local foundation expanding adaptive sports in Revelstoke

Revelstoke Times Review – Local foundation expanding adaptive sports in Revelstoke.

Live It! Love It! founded to provide outdoor opportunities and adventure for the disabled


By Izzy Lynch, executive director, Live It! Love It! Foundation

Gorgeous views, a vibrant community and endless opportunities for recreating outside are what draw many of us to this mountain town. With ski slopes, bike trails, fishing holes and climbing nearby, the transition from our living rooms to immersing ourselves in the outdoors is a relatively mindless task. It is a no-brainer that Revelstoke provides ample opportunity for activity, resulting in a healthy and happy community of outdoor enthusiasts. As one of many athletes that was drawn to Revelstoke for that reason, I am very aware of the benefits of not only leading a healthy active lifestyle and taking time each day to breathe fresh air, and the empowering feeling of accomplishing an adventure goal that takes physical and psychological commitment.

However, I understand that getting outside and staying active is not such an easy task for all the residents of our community. When faced with a disability, finding adaptive sport equipment, and traveling to places with established adaptive sports programs is often too expensive, challenging, and overwhelming to be a priority.

Many Revestokians joined in on the Rick Hansen 25th anniversary relay in Revelstoke last week to celebrate Rick Hansen’s push for an inclusive society and accessibility for the disabled. For local medal bearers such as Drew Derosier and Pauline Hunt – who both live with the effects of physical disabilities that restrict their mobility – opportunities for getting outside and finding things to do may seem impossible at times, especially in the snowy winter months.

The Live It! Love It! Foundation was created last year out of inspiration by dynamic individuals like Pauline and Drew who have an obvious zest for life but are limited in their engagement in sport communities due to various physical, social and financial obstacles. The principles of Live It! Love It! are based on those of adventure and wilderness therapy programs. We encourage outdoor recreation and adventure as a method of fostering both physical and mental health, happiness, and positive and meaningful relationships with others. We believe that the benefits of getting outside and accomplishing adventure goals should not be restricted to those who are able bodied and that anything is possible with a vision, determination and the right support network.

Through raising funds, awareness, and connecting with other adaptive sports programs we work to support camps like Freewheel Whistler; a three day introduction to adaptive adventure activities for youth who have recently sustained disabling injuries; Hawaii Adaptive Surf; a surf camp for all ages and abilities; and also a Live it! Love it! sponsorship program that provides financial assistance for individuals with disabilities working towards their unique adventure goals. We couple our programming with opportunities for peer mentorship and mental training sessions to help overcome obstacles and move towards a healthier and more active life.

The support for accessibility and inclusive society that was witnessed at the Rick Hansen Relay celebrations last week, coupled with our towns collective passion for the outdoors is why Live It! Love It! is proudly based in Revelstoke. We have a long way to go yet, but awareness is growing and potential for Revelstoke becoming a centre for adaptive sports and adventure is great. Already this year, hard work from locals Emily Suchy and Debbie Koerber has led to the establishment of the first Revelstoke Para Nordic ski program.  There is talk of an adaptive alpine ski program on the horizon with support from the International Fellowship of Rotarian Skiers and we see potential for a number of accessible summer activities – with adaptive sailing, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, assisted hiking, paragliding, and hand-cycling all possible in our area.

This is an exciting time in the evolution of Revelstoke and with such incredible depth of passion, athleticism, innovation, motivation and talent in our community there is no doubt that together we can ensure that everyone in our town is able to experience the mountain environment that we all know and love.

A huge thanks for the enormous support Live It! Love It! has received from Revelstoke residents in the past year! Our programs have benefited greatly from your generosity and support. For those who are interested in contributing to establishing local adaptive sports programs please contact or visit


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