NOFX played in Vancouver the other night. R2 bought Izzy and I tickets. Linds and Deuce are in whiss so we rip down just for the show. After a few beer with Ryan Paul and Troy NOFX is about to come on. I’m within a body length of the stage drummers left. I start talking to the bouncers, warmin him up to try and get backstage. He’s got no love for it. Then all of a sudden Izzy taps me on the shoulder. You wanna go backstage?
She asks.
Silly question, I thought.
Off we go,  quick makeout when no one is lookin and we go set up side stage. We meet a couple people and the show is under way.
There was a BAR set up behind the drummer that one of the sound guys was runnin. I kept givin him the I’m outta beer look and he kept not seeing me. This girl beside me kept gettin them slid over to her, so I started givin her the I’m outta beer eyes. BINGO, Free beer.
The show goes on, Fat Mike pees in a gaebarge can backstage mid set. They continue to play everything but what was on the set list, and Brews they forgot to play that too.
After their set, Fat Mike comes off and says
That was one of the weirdest sets, totally didn’t play the set list, just played a bunch of old stuff and they loved it.
He then proceeded to finish the entire show with what one of the sound guy referred to as
We’re doin the gay musical again…
Couple post show hot dogs and we’re back to whistler.

Big thanks to
Ryan Collins for makin it happen
Beer Girl

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