This is where I write about drunken debauchery and scandalous acts with cod fish that would make animal rights activists jealous, or upset. Depends on the activist I guess.

Or, I tell you the truth. A trip to the hospital, lobster races and gorgeous views. And no, the first two did not take place together.

We arrived at a half decent hour to a warm Newfie welcome. Tasty eats that Holly prepared for us.

I wake up the next morning and feel like staying in bed all day. I get up and acknowledge the fact that I just drove across the country, to go to the hospital. I’ve been battling bladder infections for the last ten months. Why would going across the country be a cure for them.

We go to the hospital, also known as another planet. These people were just straight up different, place was, and might still be nuttier than a porta-potty at a peanut party. Not necessarily the people of Corner Brook, more just the ones at the hospital. Clearly they thought the same of us. Ever had a hole burned in you by someone from them staring too long? Izzy and I felt like Swiss cheese, not just cause I smelt funny. Every corner we tried hiding around, we got zapped. At one point we were coming out of the washroom… We opened the door and  there they were, all 21 eyes (there were two ladies with patches and one man was impressively staring at us and his own ear). We barely made it past them. God I’m glad I’m not there anymore. I think just getting out of there cured me.
We make it out, it’s a bluebird day and warm. We have the afternoon to kill before we can talk to a doctor. Lark harbour, here we come. First, we must stop to grab lobster, for the evening races.

We roll out and end up, what feels like, back on the west coast. Rugged  coast line, massive cliffs, cool mountains and beaches filled with everything from boulders to driftwood to sand. Almost feels like we’re home. It helps that we’ve got a wonderful place to lay our heads while we’re in town. Pat and Holly’s, highly recommend it if you’re ever in Corner Brook.

The way the medical system works for bladder infections is, well, once they confirm you have one, before they know exactly what will work, they guess. Three days later after, they will know the drug of choice.
The doctor confirms my suspicion about the infection and we get the initial prescription, the guess. I guess that an afternoon of fresh air and lots of fluids worked, and don’t fill the prescription. I’ll call in three days for the actual drug, if I come unglued.

Back to Pat and Holly’s, the lobsters are wishing that they didn’t taste so good. We were longer than expected and missed the initial races. There was one left, either lack of competition or an afternoon in a bag and this guy didn’t feel like racing. So we boiled his ass.

(uploading photo’s isn’t working at the moment.. so check back for those…)

Our last day on the rock and we’ve got a few things yet to do. So we head North. Gros Morne National Park. Not as nice of a day, but pretty cool place to get drug through some shrubs and snow to check out a…. swamp. Almost made it to the mouth of the gorge. But, It’s getting late and we still haven’t had any Screech. Oh and we have a ferry to catch. We stop along the way and slam some. Long may your big jib draw!
We arrive to a full ferry, with no reservation. We came across and I could count. I can’t anymore. Don’t  go to Newfoundland if you cherish you ability to do math.  Just kidding, I could count the other vehicles on board with my fingers.  Now returning, it’s full. Great. Two hours early, an they’re fresh out of spots. And so we wait to see if we can fill any cracks.

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