Revelstoke ski camp in the works!

jds4So our skiing plans have changed a little bit this year. We are unfortunately not going to be running a Make Their Day event. We are now going to be running an intermediate free skiing camp for athletes with a physical disability at RMR in Revelstoke this March! This camp is going to be for athletes looking to really build their skills. RMR has some steep terrain and is known for their deep snow, hopefully we’ll be working on both!

Given the right weather, there might be an opportunity to do some para gliding as well!

We are going to put together a group of individuals that we feel will benefit the most from this camp.

What you need to do, to be considered, is tell us a little about yourself:
1- How long you’ve been skiing/experience, are you comfortable getting on and off a ski lift by yourself?
2- Nature of your disability
3- Device/s you use on the hill
4- Skills you would like to work on at a camp like this
5-Any medical issues we should know about that might put you or others at risk while doing the activities mentioned?
6-Are you available to be in Revelstoke the night of March 26th through to the 29th
7- Whether you’d be interested in paragliding

Send that along with the following basic info to
– Name
– Date of birth
– Contact info
-Emergency contact info; ie parent

We look forward to hearing from you.
If you have any questions, ask away!

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