Running for a Greater Good.

Meet Matt and Dave. We are two friends from a little Island on B.C.’s beautiful west coast. We run, a lot. We also smile, a lot. We have both discovered a great connection with running, specifically running long and far. We came across this common passion at separate times in our lives but it has lead us to a very similar pursuit. To run for a greater good. We both grew up with an appreciation for our family, friends and environment and are creating a means of nurturing, enjoying and supporting all of these things simultaneously.
Project Talaria started as a “let’s do something big” call out between two friends. Quickly maturing into a “let’s do something big and and make it count” endeavor, the project exists as a means to support others while trying to achieve a variety of personal goals. We want to take the positive energy and excitement we get through running and channel it into something tangible. The result–Running for a Greater Good.
On August 18th, Dave and Matt will saddle up and attempt to run the Leadville 100 mile trail race in Leadville, Colorado. This will be both runner’s first 100 mile ultra-marathon attempt. In doing so they are honored to help raise money and awareness for the Live it! Love it! Foundation.
Check out their website for more information and to follow them in this epic journey!
Project Talaria

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