Izzy Lynch, Co-Founder


Izzy attributes her spirit of adventure to her parents and  their obsession with the peaks and rivers of the Rocky Mountains when she was young. On the ski slopes at three years old, she developed  a love for  the freedom she felt while exploring the mountains with skis on her feet. Since finishing her Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Media Studies at the University of Calgary, she has dedicated her winters to chasing snow around the world,  skiing and sharing her passion as a coach for the Rocky Mountain Freeriders,  Girls Day Out Ski Camps and program director of the Revelstoke Mountain Freeriders.

Izzy believes that connecting with the wilderness and playing outside are extraordinary practices for attaining a healthy body and mind.

She co-founded Live It! Love It! after being inspired by a number of young, active individuals who had sustained life changing spinal cord injuries and were continuing to experience freedom by seeking adventure in their day to day lives. She believes that this is  necessary ingredient for life and that with creativity and the right support network, the benefits of challenging oneself and time spent outdoors can be experienced by anyone with any sort of disability.

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