Stem Cells? This is LILI friend Jonathan Dieleman’s Story

From: ANewsVanIsland July 13th 2011
Meribeth Burton

26-year old Jonathan Dieleman has an easy smile and a tireless work ethic. Raised on a cattle farm in Smithers, Jonathan was dirt biking last year when he hit a rock and broke his back. Jonathan was diagnosed a T-5 paraplegic – he couldn’t move from the chest down.

3 months ago Jonathan travelled to China where his own stem cells were mixed with stem cells from a donated umbilical cord and injected in his body. Immediately after, Jonathan says he gained more core strength and stability.

Jonathan moved to Victoria to train at a special gym called Path SCI. Doctors in China were clear – recovery would only come with hard work. Jonathan exercises every day in the hopes that as the injected stem cells replaced the deadened ones – his brain to muscle communication is restored.

Last week for the first time since his spinal cord injury – Jonathan pedaled a stationary bike under his own steam. He still doesn’t understand how this breakthrough was achieved.

Watch Jonathan Dielman’s Story: watch?v=v7VM76qbidE&feature=share


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