Sugar Shack!

Last and most important. The first two foods foods, let’s face it, the world could live without.
Not gonna lie, I was napping in the back when I was pleasantly surprised by this stop.

I stumble out of the van to a grey haired, red plaid jacketed foreigner. I say hello and he… He says…. ?????? My thoughts exactly. Where the are we?

I took French til grade 12, I can put a pretty mean French accent on most English words (something I just can’t proove through written word)  and I am conversationally capable in Spanish, so I’m not dumb. Maybe he is?
Just outside Quebec City we “stumble” upon a sugar shack. Thankfully our pair of three is two thirds semi capable in French.
Thankfully there are some hanglish speakers on site.
Thankfully it’s lunch time, and it’s served by some local ladies while a gent plays a tune.

Thankfully after lunch (heavily coated in pure maple syrup) we get acquainted with a chunk of snow, maple syrup and a popsicle stick.

Life is about balance. On one side of the scale there is you, the other side should be pure maple syrup. Once you consume your weight in said substance, you’ll understand. So I’m told.

Anyways, that much needed sugar high took us to  Halifax.

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  1. jodie says:

    By local ladies serving lunch… Jeff is referring to the ladies that put the food on our table (not pictured in the photo documentation), I, dressed in lululemon and free buffs courtesy of our pit stop in Canmore, sadly, am not a local…although I do wish I could wear plaid, play a fiddle and shoot the shit while eating maple syrup off of snow on daily basis…

  2. Karen Mann says:

    I love the comment about balance…I think I will make it my facebook status… “Life is about balance. On one side is you and on the other side should be pure maple syrup…” So true…

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