Catchin’ Waves with Amanda Timm

Meet Amanda Timm. Everything you’d expect from a redheaded 18 year old. Fun, fearless and full of sass.

We met Amanda at Freewheel Whistler, where only six months after sustaining a traumatic spinal cord injury at a free ski competition she showed up and charged with ten or so boys for the weekend – bungee jumping, rallying atvs, rolling kayaks and flying down ziplines.
All with a smile that’ll make you put your shades on…

We caught up with Amanda a few weeks after the adventure camp in Whistler and a few days after she attended a surf clinic with not for profit org. Life Rolls On! Here’s what she had to say about catching her first waves:

“The best thing about getting out surfing was just knowing that I now have options. It’s not expensive and if I want something to do I can rent a board for an hour and just kick it. Or if my friends come out I have something I can do with them and I still fit in.

The biggest challenge was getting in my wetsuit. The water is cold and because I get cold easily I have to have one. It took a good twenty minutes just to get the thing on with two people helping.

I love being in water, salt water, fresh water- it doesn’t matter. You have no idea how deep it is and you just feel the waves hitting you but you just bob back up to the surface and head for the next one cause it’s something that no one can tell your in a chair. You’re all trying to catch the next wave.

For all other SCI’s it’s a must try. Just go out there and give it a shot. It’s easier then you think and you’ll have a blast doing it!”

Now Amanda is settling back into her routine at Next Step Fitness in California where she is doing rehab, walking, and acupuncture with Dr. Ha. She’s working hard at rehab and focused on enjoying life as much as she can when she’s not trying to get better. “There’s no point in wasting my life just because I’m in the situation I’m in. I’m getting back to who I was before and loving every moment!”

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