The Act of Self Propulsion.

When something is just out of reach it’s almost like we’ve been pre-programmed to want it more. I think it all starts with the cookie jar when you’re a kid. It’s up on the cupboard, you can barely see it, so you stack encyclopedias and shoe boxes onto one another until you can reach it.

What I’m trying to say is about 18 months ago my ability to propel myself got put in the cookie jar.

The art of self propulsion can be viewed as perfect in many ways. On Monday I got to experience the actual perfect, with a nice strong headwind. I was in a borrowed boat with my hands strapped to the paddle using chunks of bike tubing. It was my first solo paddle ever. Post injury. And it went rather smooth actually. Less scratches than that time I tried to tango with a tiger. There’s something to be said about the ability to propel oneself around. I guess this time it’s that I redeemed part of myself, or I got a cookie out of the jar.

Big Thanks to Ben, Jeff and Sarah!

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