The Drive.

1 pm
I had an English teacher that taught me to never put the number in, always write it out. Never really liked her that much, til she taught me ask forgiveness not permission. I don’t think she got along great with my mom. Anyways, anytime I put the number in, I do it for her.
Where was I 
1 pm and we leave Fredericton. Sun is at it’s apex, or just past, or very close to it. High noon… Was an hour ago. You get it, it’s late in the day to be embarking on such a drive. The memorial starts in 20 hours. It’s a 17 hour drive. We barely have time to stop for gas. That’s a dumb lie, we even have time to stop for maple syrup. 
6 am we are crawling into bed. 6:30, the guy whose bed we’re in’s alarm goes off. We lay in half slumber, wondering if our alarm will go off, till 9 when we start to get up. We made it. 
Oh ya, power chair wasn’t fixed so thats awesome and still in Montreal.

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