The ol’ Tiger by the Tail one.

Everyone is great at something. Be it calligraphy, woodwork, skydiving or latin we’ve each got our own extraordinary talents. Mine is not driving a power wheelchair. I’m going to tell you how I know this.

Yesterday was Gorgeous. Pierrot and I were thirsty for an adventure.
The sea to sky trail is an accessible bike path from Squamish to Whistler and it starts just below my place. Should be enough to quench our pasty palate.

The trail is great, except for the cross ditch I got high centered on at the very beginning. The trail itself is nice and hard with a bit of loose gravel along the edges. It was just wide enough in places and I was more than comfortable in other places…

There were trees, ferns, rocks and raspberries. We were in the forest, you get it. There were rocks, steep parts, narrow sections,sections that weren’t even there because a giant rock was there, so we went over it. We were in the mountains, I’m sure you’ve been and have a good idea of where we are. Either side of the trail was in manicured real forest, litter and everything. Pictures below will help those who are more visual.

On the way out I got a great feel for my MTV, most terrain vehicle. It took a bit to get comfortable with brakes being reverse, but I was starting get the hang of not using them… Ok, so there’s this spot on the way out where I start to poo a little. Its a little valley in the trail sloping the wrong way, I slide a bit and then a bit more, my brakes spin me out the wrong way then pull me back where I want to be. I and consider myself warned, take a minute and we’re off.

We make it to a nice lookout, have a quick pee. With a sense of accomplishment we’re back the way we came.

Now we’re all great at something. You spend enough time doing something and you gain confidence in it. Usually. Too much confidence in a short period of time is the situation I found myself in… I regained the ability to go fast through the forest and it felt incredible.

I wanted more, so, I went a little faster. I found myself in the moment. I couldn’t think about what color underwear I was gonna wear tomorrow, if any, when I’ll get to eat my next salmon avocado roll or even what I wasn’t going to do when I got home. I was focused on what I could see in front of me and staying loose on the controls, like a helicopter pilot, working the sweet spot.

I got a Tiger by the Tail and never felt in more control. I’m zipping along straight stretches and able to carry my momentum around corners. The Tiger is trying to spin around but I counter and onward we go. This turns into a romantic tango session, still with a tiger. Me in my chair and a Tiger, in a mean tango through the forest. Up over a slight rise and… Hey this is right where I sh!t! Fu€k Woaa! €ok Balls!

The point of no return. The tail slipped out of my hand in a moments hesitation. I’m now starin a tiger that’s super pissed I’ve been holding onto it’s tail.

The reality is Pierrot is holding onto the chair after ditching his bike and phone, but I’m still sliding into the rhubarb. I’m now facing a downward slope loaded with rocks, branches, bushes and me… on my side, Laughing. Thanking the powers that be that I’m not hurt. A little scratch on my elbow and that’s it. Still I’m on my side in my chair, which weighs a good couple hundred pounds. We manage to get me out and the chair righted.

Now to get the chair and then myself back on the trail which is a good ten feet uphill… We have one phone a equal amount of people to call. Then all of a sudden, a family floats up on us. Mom, dad, daughter. I swear they were on clouds with little gold disc things above their heads. Before you know it I’m in my chair on the trail and we all float on.

Big Thanks to Pierrot, and the passing family!

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  1. Ty Riddell says:

    Man! Thats a funny story! A Little Crash and Burn, brush that shit off after the smoke clears and go grab yo self a Salmon and avocado wrap! Booyah!

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