The Real Reason.

It’s time to come clean. The real reason for this trip is family. There are a lot of things that are hard to explain, color to a person born blind for example. What my family means to me is another.
My sister, going to school at the time, managed to beat me to VGH the night of my accident. I’ll never forget the sound of her voice as I came out of the ambulance at the emergency doors. It was the sound of knowing I was going to be alright.
She will always be my best friend.
My parents, unbiasedly saying, are the best. I appologize to all children and parents that disagree. Their love and support for me and my ridiculousness is¬†unconditional. They were there by my side being my voice when I couldn’t talk, they removed all barriers so that I could focus solely on my mental and physical recovery. ¬†I will walk to the end of the world for them (might actually be impossible, since the world has been round since late 1700’s).

I’ve got a memorial for my grandmother in London on Saturday the 30th at 11 am. Note the time and location.
I didn’t need to go all the way across Canada I know, but I kinda did. Kinda like you do too.
Our timing is now proving to be tight. We made the evening sailing and make it to New Brunswick for the night, ohhh what a night to remember… Or not.

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