The Revy SS Camp

Like a bat out of hell, blind and on fire, I come barreling out of the trees of Vertigo Ridge with Al at the helm. We swing it around in time to watch the disciples pick their way through the final steep treed section of the run. It ain’t pretty, the run that is. The skiing is Ace’s though. It needs to be, it’s on a few inches of warm blown in fresh, on top of a nice spring crust that’s been softened ever so slightly. It’s the graduation run of The Revy Sit Ski Camp. Considering it’s hard to tell who’s a coach and who’s a camper as they leapfrog their way down, I’d say the campers surprised themselves with how far they’ve come in three days.
small Group top of stoke

Twice as many sit skiers went through our application process as we were able to invite. These 3 fit the bill, intermediate skills and looking to push their skills beyond what any adaptive program in the province is doing.

There’s a definite niche in the sit ski school of progression. That’s what this camp was designed to do, fill the free skiing void after one out grows the adaptive programs of the province. We gathered some of the best the province has to offer as coaches. From recently retired national team athletes to X Games gold medalists, these guys are a wealth of knowledge especially when it comes to the steep challenging terrain Revelstoke Mountain Resort has to offer.
Kelly K2
The event was a huge success, which could have very easily gone the other direction considering the weather. I don’t like to be the guy that talks about the weather. So I’ll stop. We had our first run on the top of the Stoke chair, here the foundation for the weekend was laid. Our coaches discussed and demonstrated some essential skills to ‘billy goat’ your way through any kind of terrain.

IMG_2779 IMG_3228 IMG_3285

Think about that. A Billy Goat, in a sit ski. Or a sit skier in Billy the Goats terrain. Neither seem quite right. Regardless, the drills were laid out and executed. After the basics were covered, to keep flow, we adopted a coaching on the go approach. This allowed us to keep some nice rhythm in our runs and let the coaches challenge and give feed back right away to the campers. Then before you know it, it’s over. Like the weekend, the article ended sooner than most would have liked. Good news, it’s going down again next year!
Huge thank you to all of our sponsors and our volunteers that made this event possible!
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  1. Victoria says:

    Thanks for the awesome time in Revy guys!
    I practiced the skills we learned from the camp in Whistler Bowl today, jump turns, moguls and stole a few first track turns in the fresh stuff : )
    I was way more confident and had way more fun – Thanks Again to Live It Love!

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