Two Skis. One Bucket. And a little thing called Trust.

Trust. Can you trust some you don’t know? Sure you can that’s an easy question. But to what level is where I’m going. Trusting someone with your favorite hockey card or your new saxophone is one thing. Could you trust them with your physical well being? I didn’t think this is quite what I was doing when I went sit skiing. Turns out I was mistaken. It all came to me after I had my hands taped to outriggers and my body synched into a bucket that was attached to two freshly waxed skis. It didn’t hit me right away, like on the first or second run. It was the third. I have just done two runs with the assistance this guy, not just any guy either. He’s 80 and weighs 130lbs, dressed. Don’t get me wrong he’s been shreddin and appears to be fully capable. It was when he stopped near the top of our third run and said
“I just missed the turn, sooo… I guess we’re committed to this one…”
I started to question the situation. Moments later I had more questions. Questions like:

How did we miss it?
Why did he feel the need to stop us?
How big of a drop is on the other side of that cat track?
How fast would I have to be going for me to hit a tree and for it to feel soft?
We were doin snap turns down this run that ended in a 90 degree right, below the 90 is the original abyss. I still don’t know what a snap turn is, but we were doin them. Every time we pointed down fall line I had a sinking feeling that I was… sinking. Sinking into total helplessness. If ol’Al slips up I am going to be in a world of hurt. It was however the situation we found ourselves in. Me for trusting, Al for ripping. Ripping right past the run we were gonna go down. We ditched the snap turns and resorted to a side slip of the literal sort.
There were a couple other times over the two days where I continued to ponder trust, and the softness of trees. At the end of the two day session I was thankful to not have an experience to answer the latter. I have come to terms with the former being worth the risk to shred.


Big thanks to my sister, J2, Al, Ron 1&2

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