Uhn Duh Twa.


In our style we roll in super late. Allison and Andrew  are there waiting for us. Izzys aunt and uncle. We have some veggies, quick catch up and then hit the sack.
In about 20 years years you are going to hear the name Finlay, he’s going to rock your world. I’ve never met a kid so on the path to Rock. First off he still thinks Pluto is a planet. Secondly he plays the six string acoustic like it’s an electric and he plays the electric like Joni Mitchell.  Thirdly, ready secondly again.

We start the day nice and slowly. The two objectives of the day, well there might be 3 or 4, depends who you are asking. First and foremost get the power chair looked at. Izzy’s cousin Matt swings by to hang out and plays navigator to a T. Greatly appreciated.  We go downtown and drop the chair off, then head for a bite to eat.

Mission number two.

I thought Québec took separating seriously. On a menu of over 20 different types of poutine, everything from your Classic to Hawaiian, I managed to find one. There are three things in the food department that Quebec is famous for. I decided to kill two birds and get stoned.
Smoked meat poutine. Well, hello there.

Two down one to go.

We head down to a shopping district and grab a cuppa java. Izzy heads out to throw some garments in a headlock. I hang out writing in a coffe shop, while I’m actually waiting for the dance studio across the street to open…. No dice. Time to go.

Time to go rehearse, Finlay is already deep into the first set when we get back. Allison and Andrew spin up a gourmet meal while we rock.
Another successful day.

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