UPside DOWN with Josh Dueck!

Holy Dyna! The start of 2012 has been a blitzkrieg of awesomeness…
It began with a quick trip to New Hampshire for the US Para Alpine Championships. I had a chance to test myself against the best riders in North America and it went pretty well… in 4 races I earned 4 silver medals. There was pretty much a new winner every day, which was nice to see… for me I kept making little mistakes, which kept me in the hunt but off the top seat. It left me hungry for the next set of races in mid February.

On a different note, I’ve had this dream since I was first laid up in the hospital nearly 8 years ago to do a backflip in my sit ski… I always new it was possible.
The process to bring it to snow began awhile back at Copper Mountain into the foam pits at Woodward’s. I met up with Nick Bass whom is a very accomplished aerialist and jumping coach and it was then that we both knew that it could be done. Next stop was the terrain park at Blackcomb to practice this trick into an airbag. Our practice and preparations paid of huge. We figured out the best jump shape, speed and all the other details we thought were important. I really wanted to take this into the backcountry and dial this in on snow right away, but Mother Nature did not allow. Conditions were snowy, windy and foggy which made it too dangerous to try.
We had to pull the plug on the project and packed up for the X Games down in Aspen. This trip is one of my favorites and gives me a huge buzz everytime. I love being right in the mix with all the other sports and athletes – watching everyone throw down is so inspirational and gets me super charged up.
They toned down the Skier Cross course this year to make sure that everyone was going to be able to go fast and put on a good show – and that’s exactly what happened. It was probably the best finals heat our sport has ever showcased.

So happy for my good friend Sam Son who took home the gold… and a bronze finish for me is a damn fine performance. STOKED! Another over the top rush was getting to attend the Powder Video Awards. I had just found out before heading to the party that the ‘Freedom Chair’ had been nominated for best documentary. We gave it no chance of winning considering the other films we were up against. Imagine our surprise when the announced our film… simply stunned.

Back to Vernon for a couple of days to rest up, do a presentation for Interior Health and catch up on some overdue office work. It was after less than 48 hours of being at home that the crew from switchback entertainment called me up and said the weather in Whistler was going to bluebird and that Powder Mountain was willing to build me a big ole backcountry booter to send the backie.

I’ll let the video tell the rest of the story…

Everything’s Got Its Price.

The Battle Scar

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2 Responses to UPside DOWN with Josh Dueck!

  1. Jake says:

    Sooooo so sick!!!!

  2. Thomas L. Van Dusen says:

    Josh Dueck:
    I was so inspired with you in The Man in Motion Tour with Rick Hansen. Your accomplishments after your accident, and that you are still able to ski in a special made chair. It inspired me a great deal.
    I had Polio in 1953. I walked with crutches and leg braces. The walking is getting more difficult these days. I am in a wheel chair and an electric wheel chair, most of the times. I am on Disability Pension, but I am still volunteering.

    I wish you all the best in Live It Love

    Respectfully Yours,

    Thomas L. Van Dusen

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