Board of Directors

Jeff Scott, President, Co-Founder

Jeff has always been about the adventure. There is a connection you create with individuals when you push your limits physically, mentally and emotionally with them. You can learn a lot about those around you, and a lot about yourself.

Following a snowboarding accident on April 11th 2010, he became a quadriplegic. Since his accident he has had incredible support. This support has allowed him to not only return to where he was but go beyond. He thanks everyone for helping him live right, and wants to give others that opportunity.

Josh Dueck, Vice President

“The mountains shall bring peace to the people”

Josh lives and breathes to ski and was a freestyle ski coach prior to a ski accident on March 8th 2004 that left him without mobility or sensation in his lower limbs. Mountain culture is and has always been a big part of his life and although  being disabled makes it more challenging to enjoy the great outdoors he believes in the vision to break down those barriers and educate people to embrace the challenges and reconnect with nature.

Josh has spent the past four years on the Canadian Para Alpine Ski Team, and holds the title of 2009 World Champion, Silver Medalist in the 2010 Paralympics, and just received a Gold medal at the 2011 X Games. He is currently working on innovating the technique and technology for freeriding in the monoski, which he has deemed the “freedom chair”. His efforts can be seen in the award winning film produced by freeski “godfather” Mike Douglas titled Freedom Chair.

When Josh is not training and skiing he is busy traveling around the world  as a part of the Paralympic Speaker program and the Raise Your Hand Campaign for Worksafe BC (

see the teaser: Freedom Chair

Kyle Burdett, Treasurer/Director

Kyle, aka Burd grew up in North Vancouver BC. His passions for sport and outdoor recreation led him to travels around the world and in turn pushed him into a life as a forest firefighter with the BC Forest Service. For the past five years his career only furthered his passions and pursuits for new adventures. The close network of friends developed over these years is how he is connected to the Live It! Love It! Foundation.

Kyle enjoys everything the outdoors has to offer but is in his happy place while chasing waves or climbing rocks. He is currently back in North Van. working with the District of North Vancouver Fire Department. He’s most stoked to be a part of LILI because we are pushing boundaries, creating opportunities and putting smiles on peoples faces. Kyle is commited to living in the now and staying stoked. He challenges everyone else to do the same. Life is an inspiration. Think about it…

Erik Hansen, Director

“The purpose of art is not the release of a momentary ejection of adrenaline but rather the gradual, lifelong construction of a state of wonder and serenity.”― Glenn Gould

Erik,  aka  “Happy” hails from Powell River, BC. In the past few years he has spent time in Tofino and Victoria, and spends his summers in Revelstoke as a forest fire fighter. He is  passionate about Art, Social Change, Reading, Rockclimbing, Kindness, Graphic Facilitation, Surfing, Biking, Kiteboarding and skateboarding on sunny days. A natural leader and doer, Erik is founding member of, a crew leader on the Monashee Unit Crew, a R&D specialist for Ocean Rodeo, A board member for “1% for the Hungry”.  Erik believes that nature is our default, it perpetuates change and adventure. Mother Nature runs the healthiest operating system and it’s important to check in every once an a while. He is an active participant in LILI’s because it provides him with a chance to contribute and learn.

 Ryan Sullivan, Sponsorship/Fundraising Director

Is he a skier, snowboarder or does he prefer GT? Legend has it that he could swim before he could walk. He’ll tell you he’s Irish but real Irishmen say he’s not, in a very stern tone. His Ellen Degeneres-equse smile makes his charm so infectious that the WHO isn’t really doing anything about it, but they are ready to if it becomes an issue. One of his favourite foods, is also one of Jeff Scotts, and that’s snack packs. The pheromones he secretes are believed, by him, to affect beings light years away, on the planet Krypton, in a slight, but measurable, way. He loves running in the mountains and helping people, and, perhaps more importantly, he loves that song Riding With Private Malone by David Ball. If you’re smiling right now, theres a good chance, he is too.

“Mtu ni watu” – Swahili proverb


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