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Live it! Love it! is proud to be partnered with the Revelstoke Adaptive Sports Program.

Here at Revelstoke Adaptive Sports Program, we get pretty excited about our time out in the mountains and we believe that disability shouldn't be a barrier to having fun out there. Our head instructor, James, and his team of volunteers are friendly, approachable and excited to share our mountain with people through our program. Smiles and high fives are definitely part of the teaching process here!

At the moment, we operate mainly in the winter months with snowsports but we haven't ruled out summer adventures in the future. We work with local community groups and visitors from out of town to get people on to the snow and enjoying themselves. Each week, we run group sessions for young adults, who are independent and learning to ride together, and individual sit ski sessions. We can also accommodate one off sessions. We're happy to provide anything from a beginner lesson with equipment to a guided tour of our beautiful mountain (which we'd highly recommend- it's rad here but it can be difficult terrain for a sit ski). Each session is different and we can provide a variety of support options to suit each individual. The focus of our sessions is always enrichment through the mountains.

Think this might be for you? Drop us a Facebook message, or send us an email at inforevelstokeadaptive@gmail.com, and let's chat.

Price: $75, if you are from Revelstoke ask about our local discount. Includes 3 hour lesson, instruction equipment and lift ticket.




Freewheel Adventure Camp

The one that started it all.  Happening in the summer-time, it's the ultimate balance of adventure and rehab.  Focusing on a wide range of activities and inner discovery, activities range from bungee jumping to kayaking, to yoga, meditation and personal development.  This is a great camp to attend when you and your family are exploring a new way of life.




Revelstoke Sit-Ski Camp

In conjunction with Revelstoke Adaptive Sports Program, every year around the beginning of spring we invite a small group of athletes to Revelstoke Mountain Resort to experience our world class sit-ski camp.  Accommodation, lift passes and elite coaching are provided. Attendees have access to coaches and mentors both on and off of the hill. The light-hearted laid back atmosphere at the camp is great for everyone to come together and support each other in pushing the limits of their ability.




We built our Lunchbox Sit-Ski Trailer to boldly go where no sit-skiier has gone before.  Held in spring of each year, this is a one of a kind experience where 4-5 sit-skiiers can easily gain access to the back country.  Designed to be pulled behind a CAT, The Lunchbox can take you where you want to get to, and beyond.

Mustang Auction (still setting up the auction page, will be up this week)

Last year was such a good time, we figured we should go again 2 nights 2 days skiing with Mustang Powder April 4-6! We currently have 2 openings for sitskiers. And 4 openings for individuals who are able to climb in and out of the snow cat. These 4 seats will be auctioned off.

What better way to wrap up the season than a catski trip?! Last season we had an incredibly successful trial run of the Lunch Box. Aka the Party Pow Bus, aka the Sit Ski Trailer, aka the Speed Wagon, aka the Dumpster Fire, aka the Hot House, aka the Bank. Aka Cash Money!

Sit Skiers have two options.

Option 1- Enter the lottery and count your lucky stars!

Option 2- Enter the Big Mountain competition at Revelstoke Mountain Resort at the end of March. The winner of the adapted category gets a seat to go CAT-skiing in our Lunchbox!




Living it Right Award

Grants of up to $2000 are available for individuals who could use some financial assistance pursuing their dreams.  It's up to you what "Living it Right" means, perhaps it is working toward a goal, facing a fear, accomplishing something great or staying positive in hard times.  Email us a short essay or video on what this award would mean to you and how would use it, addy: info@liveitloveit.org, subject line: "Living it Right Award Application".

In addition to your story, essay or video, applications must include:

  • Photo

  • Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Hometown

  • Occupation

  • Brief description of disability

  • Budget

  • Annual personal and household income

  • Phone Number

  • Email address

By submitting, candidates swear all information is true to the best of their knowledge and consent to having their essay or video on our website if they win.